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We receive many book review requests, and we would like to honor as many of these as possible, especially for emerging and debut authors. Therefore, we have developed the following review policy:

  • Your book must already be published. Whether it’s a self-published ebook or a traditionally published book, it must be available for purchase now.
  • The main genre we read is young adult (YA), but we do not read YA exclusively. (We have to warn you, both of our personal preferences lean more toward fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian.)  Based on the description provided and whether it interests us, we will both try to read the first three chapters of as many books as possible.
  • If the first three chapters pique our interest, we will contact you to send us the rest of the book and write a rapid review for it.  If the book is one we want to recommend to other readers, we might just feature it on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Please do not submit a book as YA that, because of content, language, or other factors should be considered NA or another genre. Mark it for what it is.

Please fill out the following form and then check your email for further instructions on sending us your first three chapters, preferably in ePub format (instructions below). You can also submit a word document, but we give ePubs greater preference.

Request a Review for my book

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(Here’s a how to create an ePub if you need help. This can be done in Apple Pages, on an iPhone or iPad, or in a web browser on the iCloud website. If you don’t have access to these, there are several programs you can download.)