Request a Book Review

If you are an author or editor who would like to request a book review, you are in the right place.  We receive many review requests, and we would like to honor as many of these as possible, especially for emerging and debut authors. Therefore, we have developed the following review policy:

  • The main genre we read is young adult (YA), but we do not read YA exclusively. (We have to warn you, both of our personal preferences lean more toward fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian.)  Based on the description provided and whether it interests us, we will both try to read the first three chapters of as many books as possible.
  • The book must be sent in ebook format.  No paper books (we don’t want to give out our address) and no MS Word documents.

Please fill out the following form and then check your email for further instructions on sending us your book.

Request a Review for a book you wrote or are editing

This page is not for a recap request.

If you get an error, it may mean that your synopsis is too long.