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For the avid book lover, there is nothing like awesome bookshelves or a fantastic reading nook.  There are tons of creative ideas out there and my only regret is that I can’t put them all in my house.  Some of my favorites designs are the converted attic space, the library bathroom, and any bookshelf that has a sliding ladder (I love those!).

Maybe you will find something here that you love too whether you are about to remodel, need shelving ideas, or just want to dream about the awesomeness that is the home library.

I have gathered some of my favorite bookshelves and reading space designs to share with you!  Check these out:


This cozy reading corner looks like someone made excellent use of their attic or loft space.  I love the fluffy rug.

fun reading nook

Spiral staircase up to the bookshelves…awesome!

spiral stairs book shelf

The space under the staircase is a perfect little reading space.  Why don’t home builders always do this?!

awesome reading nook

I love the curved wood frame around this window seat that makes a perfect reading lounge area.

reading room

A staircase just for the bookcase!  Love it!

creative book shelves

This huge window providing natural light makes for a relaxing reading nook.

creative bookshelves

I’ve always wanted a “library ladder” in my house.  And the hidden space behind these awesome bookshelves ads a little mystery to this beautiful home library.

creative book display

Now this is my kind of bathtub! Perfection!

bathtub bookshelf

Another awesome ladder.  I love the cozy lounges.  Family reading time anyone?

awesome bookshelves

This reading nook is creative and colorful.  It looks like it might be easy to build onto an existing blank wall.

reading nook

How fun is this chair! No need to get up if you decide you are in the mood for a different book.

reading spaces

Closet converted into a reading nook!  Brilliant!

awesome bookshelf

I love the whimsical feel of this converted attic space.  Lots of natural light too.

attic reading nook

This beautiful room just looks light and airy.  And look another library ladder!

awesome shelves for books

And finally, if you have a lot of books that you don’t know what to do with, this looks like a cheap and easy option.  Use your books to form the shelving!

book shelf made of books

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