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No spoilers in this rapid review of FirstLife by Gena Showalter. I give it 3.75 stars.

I found the premise around FirstLife to be fascinating!  In it, this life is just a prequel to real life, which only begins after death. 

The EverLife realms piqued my interest from the beginning.  They are called Troika and Myriad and their representatives war relentlessly to sign humans to their side.  Once signed, a human lives out the rest of their life and will enter that realm upon death. 

But the choice is not often easy.  What if you are unsigned like the heroine Tenley Lockwood?  What if you feel pulled in each direction by both outside forces as well as within your own heart? In this case, should you die unsigned, the Realm of Many Ends and it’s horrors await you. 

I give it 3.75 stars overall.
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Tenley, while not my favorite character of all time, did grow on me throughout the story.  I didn’t relate well to her at first but I did enjoy her Myriad and Troika representatives, both sent to convince her to sign with them.  They were both gorgeous boys, of course, I mean, Ms. Showalter IS a romance author, after all!

While reading reviews, I found that many people were confused by her world building.  While anyone could enjoy this book, I might mention that this story is without a doubt a metaphor for our world today and how people with a religious background might view the spiritual warfare going on around them.  While in this story the forces at work are readily apparent, in real life the forces fighting for your soul are often unseen.  I loved how Ms. Showalter created two realms, both of which seemed appealing.  That is how life is, after all, the wrong thing is often cloaked as the right thing.  I won’t spoil it and tell you where the two realms, as well as Many Ends,  fit in, but I loved how she pulled it together. Definitely worth a read.


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Firstlife (Everlife, #1)

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