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No spoilers in this review of Passenger by Alexandra Bracken! I give it 3.5 stars. It was an enjoyable read but didn’t keep me up late at night. The time travel aspect was interesting, but the pacing was a bit slow.

The main storyline begins in modern day New York City, the home of Etta Spencer. She’s a talented young violinist on the verge of stardom but is unexpectedly thrust into a world of time travel on the night of her pre-debut concert. Etta is soon on a mission taking her all over the globe in a variety of time frames spanning hundreds of years. She is paired with Nicholas on her journey. He is a bit of an outsider in the time traveling world but is the only one Etta feels she can trust. The two are on a race against time to track down an important time travel artifact. They make a good team, but they’re each keeping a secret from the other, which threatens their growing bond.

I give it 3.5 stars overall.
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Nicholas and Etta are likable characters, and their chemistry is fun. They understand each other despite being from different times and places. I don’t often read books about time travel, and I enjoyed learning the rules and parameters Bracken sets for it in this series. A unique element she added is the governance the time traveling families put in place to maintain checks and balances on their power. Bracken offers a different peek into history as we see bygone times and places through a modern girl’s eyes. The discrimination based on gender and race are hard for Etta to swallow, making us imagine what it would be like to witness past oppressions first-hand.

Despite the fact that it was a slow read for me, this is a good book that is worth your time if you want to give a story involving time travel a try! I will stay tuned for book two to see what’s next for Etta and Nicholas!

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