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No spoilers in this review of Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton! I give it 4 stars. This is such a fun book! It is what I consider to be classic YA in its tone and pacing.

The story is about Amani, a teenage girl itching to leave Dustwalk, her small desert village. She has lived with her aunt and uncle since her parents’ passing, and she wants to escape small town life to live in the city with an aunt she’s never met.

Amani is a skilled sharpshooter, and she meets a mysterious young man named Jin in a local gun slinging contest. She quickly realizes he’s her ticket out of Dustwalk. As they travel, their exploits keep putting them in the path of the Sultan’s men, who are trying to snuff out rebellion in their area. And the pair slowly realizes they’ve both been keeping secrets from each other.

Amani and Jin have an undeniable chemistry. Their banter is cute and is one of my favorite parts of the book. The unique setting also drew me in. I enjoyed reading about the desert culture, which is different than any I’ve read about recently. I also appreciated the magic and mythology Hamilton slowly weaves into the tale. The first half of the book pulled me along quickly, with one adventure and/or misstep after another. The second half of the book moved a little slower, but the pace picked back up again by the end.

I give it 4 stars overall.
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I definitely recommend this book! The Goodreads description of book 2, Traitor to the Throne, sounds great! It seems like it might be quite different than book 1, and I’m excited to see where Hamilton takes us next in this trilogy.

Let us know what you think about Rebel of the Sands in the comments! No spoilers on this page please. 🙂

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Rebel of the Sands

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2 thoughts on “Rapid Review of Rebel of the Sands”

  1. Alwyn Hamilton’s second in the Rebel of the Sands series ” Traitor to the throne” is even better than the amazing first book. Anyone know when the next one is coming out?

    1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Traitor! I plan to read it soon. All I can find as far as book 3 publication is 2018. Since books 1 & 2 were published in March 2016 and March 2017, respectively, hopefully book 3 will be in March 2018! 🙂

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