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We’re writing! That’s right, both bloggers here at BSR have been hard at work on our first novels for a couple of years now. Oh, how we wish we could work on them full time instead of an hour here and an hour there! But we’ve made progress slowly but surely and are both in the beginning phases of our third drafts. We’ve decided we’re ready to start sharing little bits about our manuscripts in our newsletter. This time, we’ll give you a back-of-the-book type summary to introduce you to our stories.

Stacy is writing a high fantasy series called The Arwyn Prophecies.

Seventeen-year-olds Caitlin and Prince Luke are thrust into power in the kingdom of Arwyn after the king and queen are murdered along with Solomon (Caitlin’s adopted father) and the royal prophet. Luke’s parents didn’t tell him about the prophecy fifteen years ago that predicted these assassinations, and Solomon didn’t tell Caitlin it was predicted she might rule by her friend Luke’s side one day.

The adults had good reason to keep the predictions from Caitlin and Luke when they were younger, and then their friendship fractured beyond repair five years ago. Yet the pair is angry and confused about why their guardians didn’t bring them back together to reveal the prophecy before it was too late. And this wasn’t the only secret kept from them; Caitlin begins to believe her birth parents’ deaths long ago might be tied to the recent assassinations.

Because the royal prophet is dead, Caitlin and Luke lack the guidance on which the realm has relied for centuries. When Caitlin’s best friend Sybil shows signs of inheriting the prophetic gift, Caitlin quickly accepts this possibility because she saw glimpses of the gift when the girls were younger. Luke is not as eager to accept Sybil’s claim. His best friend Finn trusts Sybil, but Luke has a reason to be suspicious about Finn’s motives where Sybil is concerned. Caitlin and Luke must work together to determine who they can trust, track down the assassin, repair their fractured relationship, and navigate the attraction developing between them.

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Sara is writing an urban fantasy adventure called This Dreamer.

Evie, a Watcher, grows restless observing mortals from the safety of her desk in the Control Room. Though it’s against the rules, she jumps at the chance to meet Adan, the human Dreamer she has been secretly studying for ages. Aside from the heap of trouble she is in upon her delayed return, Evie also learns that Adan has vanished from his sector in her absence. He has been transported to another where his presence is strictly forbidden.

Evie is sent into this wild and unknown place wielding a golden blade and wearing a human body. Her orders are to find him and take care of the problem before her time is up. As she fights against unfamiliar human emotions, she discovers that Adan is much more than an ordinary mortal and that perhaps his elusive captor is a threat to them all. If she doesn’t succeed, her way back to the Control Room will be sealed, and she will be banished to this sector, alone, until the slow grip of mortality should claim her.

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Coming soon: A sneak peek at our first chapters!

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