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We are finally querying agents!

After structural edits, re-writes, and going over our fourth drafts with a fine-tooth comb, both of us (Sara and Stacy) are finally querying agents. This is brand new territory for us as we’re new writers. And we never dreamed how hard this would be! Here are some of the challenges we’ve faced:

  • Finding agents we want to query! Each agent has a specific wish list, and it has been more difficult than we ever dreamed to find agents looking for the types of books we’ve written.
  • Sending queries is so time-consuming! Each agent wants something slightly different, so our queries are not one-size-fits-all. Every submission guideline requires careful review, and we have to follow them to the letter to ensure the agent will consider it.
  • Related to the prior point—We’re ready to start new projects! The most fun part of the writing process is the creative portion when we’re brainstorming, planning, and getting our first thoughts of a new project down on paper. It’s hard to find time to write when much of our time is taken up by getting query letters out.
  • Silence is the hardest part! Most agent’s submission guidelines are clear, giving us a specific timeframe of when we should expect to hear from them. Some agents will respond even if it’s a ‘no.’ But most agents don’t have time to do this, understandably so because they received hundreds if not thousands of queries each year. But we’ve found that hearing nothing is harder than hearing ‘no.’

Click for a brief glimpse of our current projects…

Are you writing?

How many of our readers are also writers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, whether it’s to offer us some tips on querying agents or to commiserate about how tough this part of the process is. 😉

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