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What do you think will happen after Lady Midnight? Dark Artifices theories: WARNING: There are spoilers everywhere in this post!

Let’s talk Lady Midnight theories and Dark Artifices theories! Does any author leave as many clues as Cassandra Clare?! There were so many seemingly minor details mentioned earlier in Lady Midnight that ended up being a either a big deal or different than what they appeared at face value, for example:

  • All of Malcolm’s talk about love being important and being “the highest law”
  • Malcolm whispering to Emma that he would let her down
  • Jules’ locked room in his studio
  • And, of course, all the hints that it would kill Jules to think that anything happened/could happen between Mark and Emma

But there are many hints dropped that we haven’t seen the culmination of yet, and it’s so exciting to theorize what these details might mean and how they might be important in future books! Below are the questions and/or theories I’ve come up with so far. My thoughts are in normal font, and book passages are in italics. Let’s start with a BIG one…

Lady Midnight Theories & Thoughts

(1) Were Jules and Emma already starting to succumb to the parabatai changes Jem mentions to Emma in Chapter 27? Were they beginning to be able to wield magic and not even know it? It seems that way in the quotes from Chapters 13 and 14 below. But my question is does it absolutely have to drive them to madness and destruction like Jem suggests? It seems like too much of an absolute to me. No one rule can work in every case!
Chapter 13–““I wasn’t saying anything about looking,” Malcolm interrupted. “I’m just telling you. No iratze should have been able to fix you. Even accounting for the strength of parabatai runes, you absolutely shouldn’t have survived.” His odd violet eyes fixed on Julian. “I don’t know if it’s something you did, or something Emma did, but whatever it was—was impossible. You shouldn’t be breathing right now.””

Chapter 14–“He started on the second rune, and Emma felt a slight biting sting as the stele moved. She frowned. Usually, though runes could sting or burn when applied, runes placed on you by your parabatai didn’t hurt. In fact they were almost pleasant—it was like being wrapped in the protection of friendship, the sense that someone else had sealed their dedication to you onto your skin. Strange for it to hurt.”

(2) Could Cortana somehow cut through the parabatai bond to separate Emma and Jules someday since it “can cut anything?”
Chapter 23—“Emma’s mother placed the sword in her hands. “Steel and temper, daughter,” she said. “And remember that a blade made by Wayland the Smith can cut anything.”

(3) Why did Emma’s runed arm hurt so bad after she hit the Black Volume Malcolm was holding? Is it because there was magic in her arm fighting the black magic in the book? Are their any other clues about the parabatai bond here?
Chapter 25—“He hurled his magic at her. And Emma flung her arm up, the arm that Julian had carved the Endurance rune on, the arm that had been burning and aching and screaming at her to use it since she’d struck the Black Volume.”

(4) Also, this Tumblr post reminded me of my thoughts during Tessa’s conversation with Emma at the end of the book. It was what she said about trying to make someone fall out of love with you when you can’t possibly change your own feelings…It totally had me thinking about what Will did to her. I guess I’m not the only one! And this gives me hope that there’s some solution out there for Jules and Emma and their parabatai problem that we can’t possibly imagine, just like there was for Will and Tessa in their seemingly impossible situation.

(5) Also, the way Clare words her description in this Tumblr post is very interesting to me. Even though Jem told Emma what happens with romantic love between parabatai, no one knows why it happens. I think this will be very key in how to make their love work while still being parabatai.

    *See the comments section below for reader ideas and suggestions about the parabatai bond.

(1) I really thought this line was meant to be ambiguous. I wasn’t sure if Mark was saying “Why lie?” about developing feelings for each other or “Why lie?” about the kissing (or “more,” as he put it). But Clare has provided us an answer to this question in this Tumblr post. So I guess it’s the kissing or more that Mark was referring to, which makes the most sense since he shut the door before he said it. We will get to find out what happens next in this very scene according to this Tumblr post.

(2) After taking another look at exactly what Mark says here, I think there is another question that he is going to ask Emma besides the famous/infamous “Why lie?” Any ideas what the other question might be?
Chatper 27—“So I suppose I only have one more question,” Mark said. “But first—” He turned around, and very deliberately closed her door. When he faced her again, he had never looked to her so much like one of the Fair Folk. His eyes were full of a feral amusement, a carelessness that spoke of a world where there was no human Law. He seemed to bring the wildness of Faerie into the room with him: a cold, sweet magic that was nevertheless bitter at the roots. The storm calls you as it calls me, does it not? He held out a hand to her, half-beckoning, half-offering. “Why lie?” he said.” [emphasis added]

(3) Why is Mark so amused about Emma’s request? Clare mentions it three different times in the infamous scene in Chapter 27…
”…his mouth twitched up at the corner…”
“He was definitely smiling now, his mouth curved up in amusement.”
“His eyes were full of a feral amusement…”

(4) I have decided that Mark HAS to figure out what Emma’s reasons are for asking him to fake a relationship. Everyone knows that parabatai being in love is forbidden. Even though Mark doesn’t know why it’s forbidden, won’t it eventually occur to him that if Emma is doing something love-related to her parabatai that it must tie to the Clave’s rule somehow? Emma says that this fake relationship “could save Julian’s life.” It is the conclusion that he can come to if he’s being reasonable about and/or trying to figure out the whole situation.

Theories about Lady Midnight Characters

(1) What does Arthur mean in this quote below? Does he somehow know the challenges Julian will face in the future…either regarding Emma, the parabatai bond, both, or something else? I think he knows more than we think!
Chapter 3–“Arthur’s head snapped up. For a moment his gaze was clear and focused. “You’re a good boy,” he said to Julian. “But it won’t help you, in the end.””

(2) What wedding could Magnus possibly be referring to below, especially since Emma and Jules are confused and don’t seem to remember it? Could this be a major clue of some sort?
Chapter 6–““I remember her wedding,” Magnus said, and there was gentleness in his eyes. “How young you both were. Though it wasn’t the last wedding I saw you at, was it?” Emma and Julian exchanged puzzled glances. “I’m pretty sure it was,” said Julian. “What other wedding would it have been?” “Hm,” said Magnus. “Perhaps my memory is going in my old age.” He didn’t sound as if he thought that was likely, though.”

    *Here is an update from Clare in a Tumblr post about the wedding mentioned above. She says it’s supposed to be a mystery, although some readers have guessed it. What wedding is it that Emma & Jules don’t remember?! I don’t have a guess!!!

(3) So we know that this poem below is referring to Malcolm and Annabel. Is it possible that it has a double meaning and is also referring to Emma’s and Jules’ love, too?
Chapter 13–“But our love it was stronger by far than the love Of those who were older than we—Of many far wiser than we—And neither the angels in Heaven above Nor the demons down under the sea Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee. . . “

(4) While Julian should basically know how she feels, Emma never once says she loves him out loud. He says it; she only thinks it but never says it out loud. Will that make it easier for him to believe her fake relationship with Mark?
Chapter 18—“Didn’t I tell you I loved you? Last night?” He shook his head. “We never said we loved each other,” he said. “Not once.”
Chapter 23—“Tell me you love me, Emma,” he said against her throat. “Even if you don’t mean it.” She gasped; how could he think, how could he not realize—?”
Chapter 27—“I love you, Julian Blackthorn, she thought…”

(1) What word is Cristina starting to say here? Is the “Di—“ that she started to say possibly the word Diana?! Do they have a connection in their past that they haven’t told anyone about? Or is Cristina getting ready to say “Diego” instead of “Diana?” I think that is the more likely scenario.
Chapter 2–“Cristina smiled. “Di—my mother used to do that for me when I was a little girl.””

(2) And what else is in Diana’s background that makes her keep secrets from the Blackthorns and prevents her from running the LA Institute? I cannot believe how many hints there are that something is up with her! It makes me think it’s something big!!!
Chapter 20—“Why couldn’t she have been asked to run the Institute?…She said no. She said it was impossible…Diana has—her own secrets.”
Chapter 21—“Does anyone else in the Clave know about your investigation?” he said. “Anyone but your family?” “Just Diana,” said Emma. “Diana is your tutor?” When Emma nodded, he frowned. “Weren’t Jace Herondale and the Lightwoods betrayed by their own tutor?” “She’d never betray us,” Emma said, outraged.
Chapter 21—“She’s in Thailand…There was a witch there she wanted to question about energy spells. Someone she knew when she was younger.” He [Julian] paused. “We can trust her.”
Chapter 25—“Oh, come now,” said Malcolm. “If you’d cared about those children, you’d have taken the post as head of the Institute years ago. But I suppose we all know why you didn’t do that.”
Chapter 25—“You liked me because you thought I was too frightened of the Clave to look closely at you,” Diana said [to Malcolm]…”
Chapter 25—“And you couldn’t tell the Blackthorns where you went because of the reason you know Catarina,” said Malcolm. “She’s a nurse—a nurse to mundanes. How do you think I found out—?”
Chapter 26—“You hide things,” he [Julian] said. “The Angel knows there’s something you’re still hiding, some reason you couldn’t take over the Institute. Something you won’t tell, anyway. You’re a good hider, but you’re not a good liar. They won’t believe you. But they will believe me.”
Chapter 26—“The wind blew her dark hair across her face. “No,” she said. “I am who I am because I’ve been part of your family. Never forget, Jules. The choices we make, make us.”

I love that Kit is the lost Herondale! (Is he for sure, by the way? Do you all believe that he is?) I thought it might be Ty because of all the references to his different appearance, but I also suspected one of the Rooks might be the one. I’m surprised (but happy!) that we found out so early on in the series. I’m excited to see what type of Shadowhunter he turns out to be. Additionally, I thought it was kind of hinted at early on with Kit’s physical description that he didn’t look like his dad. Is Johnny an adopted father? If so, who entrusted Kit to him? And why do Kit’s eyes remind Ty of something in the passage below?
Chapter 16–““I don’t know anything about a lottery,” Kit snapped. He glanced at Tiberius. What was odder, perhaps, was that Ty was looking at him. Emma remembered Ty, years ago, saying, Why do people say “look at me” when they mean “look at my eyes”? You could be looking at any part of a person and you’re still looking at them. But he was looking curiously at Kit’s eyes as if they reminded him of something.”
Chapter 27—“It was times like this, when the sun slanted through the window and lit up the fine, sharp bones of his father’s face, that Kit wondered about all the things he didn’t know: who his mother had been, if it was true, as was whispered in the Market, that Johnny’s family was English aristocracy who’d tossed him out when he manifested his Sight.”
Chapter 27—“It was odd, Emma thought, as they pulled up at the end of the road. The only things Kit had in common with his father, looks-wise, were his height and slenderness. As he stepped out of the car, hunching over his bloody shirt, his eyes were a clear blue. His hair, pale gold waves—that was pure Herondale. And his face, too, the fine bones of it, the gracefulness.”

(1) If Johnny is just an adopted father to Kit, could he possibly be a Blackthorn? Since Malcolm’s sacrifice of Tavvy went awry, which Blackthorn died to complete the spell and raise Annabel at the end? My theory is it was Johnny’s blood that did it. Don’t forget, we have that messed up family tree that Clare has told us about since Clockwork Princess. What part of it is incorrect? And we don’t even see most of the Blackthorn family tree. There has to be a reason for that!

    *See the comments section below for a reader answer about whether Johnny is a Blackthorn and links to comments Clare has made about similar questions on Tumblr.

(2) Why did the demons come for Johnny as soon as the wards on his house failed in chapter 27? He knew the second they failed and the house shook that demons were coming for him. Why are the demons after Johnny, and why had Malcolm agreed to put up wards at his house to protect him from whoever is after him? And why did he only put himself inside the protection circle to repel the demons (and not his son, too)? It seems like he knew the demons would be coming for him and him alone. What has Johnny done to deserve their wrath?

(1) I loved how Annabel rose at the end. I definitely did not see that coming! I have a friend who thinks Annabel will be the antagonist/villain in the next book. Perhaps her revenge over Malcolm’s death might be what drives her? Or perhaps Malcolm is still alive and they team up for revenge on the Blackthorns or on the Clave?

(2) There were several questions recently posed to Cassandra Clare on this Tumblr post about how Annabel was raised. In a nutshell, she said that the spell could be completed without Blackthorn blood, but Annabel would be raised as some other version of herself, maybe not of sound mind or body. The Blackthorn blood would be required to raise her with her original personality intact. Clare will not comment on which version of Annabel has risen, which to me means she won’t confirm whether Blackthorn blood was spilled or not. Which blood raised her? Was it Malcolm’s, as the bolded text in the passage below seems to indicate? If so, she won’t be raised in her old form. Or was it Blackthorn blood that raised her? If so, could it be from Johnny or Kit Rook? If they are from the lost Herondale line (Tobias Herondale and Eva Blackthorn child), then they could have Blackthorn blood in their veins, and blood from both of them was spilled in the mantid attack on their house. What do you all think?!
Epilogue–“For years her coffin had been dry. Now seawater dripped in through the fine, porous holes in the wood and stone, and with the seawater, blood. It fell onto parched bones and dry sinew, and soaked her winding shroud. It moistened her withered lips. It brought with it the magic of the ocean, and with it the blood of the one who had loved her, a stranger magic still. In her tomb by the sounding sea, Annabel’s eyes opened.” [emphasis added]

Is Malcolm is really dead? While his spells did lift after Emma and the Blackthorns assumed he was dead, I don’t think Jem and Tessa are convinced. After all, they set off to find his body at the end of Chapter 27. I’m thinking we might see Malcolm again!

(1) Is Jules’ painting some sort of a flashback of Arthur’s past or possibly even a premonition of something in the future? Or is this only showing the anger that Julian feels for Arthur at times. (I really don’t think it’s my last suggestion.) My best guess is it might be a premonition of some sort or simply just art.
Chapter 8–“And the last was of Arthur, sitting at his desk. A red ribbon ran along the floor beneath him, the color of blood. There was no title. Julian reached out and shuffled them back into the notebook. “They’re not finished yet.””

    *See the comments section below for a reader answer about Jules’ painting.

(2) What does Arthur mean by “the damnation of the Blackthorns” in this passage? Is he foreshadowing something else that is coming?
Chapter 20—“Well, what were you doing buying weapons there anyway? Why didn’t you come to the Institute?” Cristina demanded. “I did,” Diego said, flattening her with surprise. “I came looking for Arthur Blackthorn. I found him in the Sanctuary. I tried to tell him who I was, why I was here. He told me the damnation of the Blackthorns was their own private business, that they didn’t want any interference, and that if I knew what was good for me I’d get out of town before everything burned.”

Why does Clare continue to stress that Ty looks different than his other siblings? It was mentioned when the Blackthorns first made an appearance in City of Heavenly Fire. I feel like there has to be some significance to this as it’s mentioned in Lady Midnight, too!
Chapter 2–“Though Ty, with his gray eyes, skinny frame, and tousled black hair, looked as if he’d wandered in from another branch of the family.”

Miscellaneous Dark Artifices theories and observations:

(1) In this Tumblr post, Clare reveals that just like in Lady Midnight, the title character in book 2, Lord of Shadows, is a real person. Who could it be?! And does the title and/or the plot in Lord of Shadows tie in to the upcoming The Last Hours series somehow? I think it might because of James Herondale’s “shadow ability” we read about in the Nothing But Shadows novella and in this Tumblr post by Clare!

(2) I think the Blackthorn family motto is a good indication that somehow the parabatai law will be changed in the end. Or at the very least Julian will defy it and somehow it will be okay.
Chapter 7–“…the crest of the Blackthorn family—a ring of thorns—with their family motto beneath it: Lex malla, lex nulla. A bad law is no law.”

(3) Is the Blackthorn manor burning down significant? Did any Blackthorns die in this fire? Or were they possibly assumed dead and are part of the discrepancy in the family tree?
Idris, 2009–“The Blackthorn manor had burned down quite a long time ago and been rebuilt near to the Herondale manor. Emma wandered down a number of pretty paths until she found a wall.”

(4) I think the Emma, Jules, and gang will absolutely work with Jace, Clary, and the NY Institute in the coming books! We will see the TMI crew again! 🙂
Chapter 26—“…I never had the slightest doubt I’d see you again.” “Really?” Mark looked at him skeptically. “Really.” Jace smiled his easy, charming smile. “Just remember that the New York Institute is on your side,” he said. “Remind Julian if you’re ever in trouble again. It’s not simple running an Institute. I ought to know.”

(5) I think Kieran will absolutely call on Mark to help him in book 2, and the Lord of Shadows snippets Clare has already shared seem to show this as well!
Chapter 26—“I do not forgive you,” he [Mark] said. “But you [Kieran] came to help us, at the end. I do not know what would have happened if you hadn’t. So if you need me—if it is a true need—send for me and I will come.”

(6) What does the passage below mean? It occurs at the end of the book when Jem and Tessa are travelling back through the portal to Magnus and Alec. My Shadowhunter knowledge is failing me here. Could this be the vampire Raphael Santiago? Is he even still alive? Please help me here, fellow fans!
Chapter 27—“In the middle of raising a hand to greet Emma, Alec paused and turned his head, and said something that sounded like “Raphael.” Odd, Emma thought. Alec handed Max over to Magnus and disappeared back into the shadows.”

    *I received a response on this topic via Twitter. Alec is speaking to his second son, Raphael Santiago Lightwood-Bane, in the scene above. You discover how Raphael came to be a part of the family in A Long Conversation, the short story at the end of Lady Midnight. Hopefully this novella will be available on-line to eBook readers like myself soon. I am anxious to read it! Thank you for providing this answer, CLALEC  IS LIFE! Also, see the comments section below for a similar reader answer to this question.

I know these theories will continue to unfold as we read the TDA series along with The Last Hours series. I’m really excited to see how TLH will overlap with TDA, just like The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices did. It looks like the publishing schedule is going to be interesting. We’ll have book 3 of TDA before we get book 2 or 3 of TLH. The tentative schedule seems to be changing, but here is the latest I found on Clare’s Tumblr site, last updated 3/19/16:

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices 1) March 8, 2016
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (print edition) Fall 2016
Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices 2) May 23, 2017
Chain of Gold (The Last Hours 1)
Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices 3)
Chain of Iron (The Last Hours 2)
Chain of Thorns (The Last Hours 3)

Now let’s talk…

Please comment below with your Dark Artifices theories and opinions on anything I have mentioned! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!!! 🙂

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99 thoughts on “The Dark Artifices Theories – What will happen next?”

  1. Hey there,
    I had some thoughts about the plot of “Lord of Shadows”as well and I just read today that the second book will catch up one week after the “why lie?”cliff hanger. I think that Emma won’t be able to keep the truth about parabati a secret for too long, because I believe their love for each other won’t vanish, no matter what Emma does… . And it dös not matter of you don’t act about it, as long as they love each other their rund power/ Magic will Continue to grow,e.g. glowing runes ….And in the next demon fight or something (which I am sure will be shortly afterwards) Emma will try to avoid giving or receiving runes from Julian and he will get suspicious. Maybe she can talk herself around it a few times, but in the long run it won’t work. Also I don’t know if you noticed in the book, but when they are in the convergence with malcom and surrounded by the followers Emma and Juian have small telepathic communications what they both were shockingly surprised about…I think this might be some foreshadowing for future things to happen, because of their parabati magic ..what do you think:-)? Furthermore I am thinking that the way out of the parabati law is either that one of them becomes a downworlder or a silent brother or an iron sister (like” David the silent ” or Abigail in the shadowhunter codex). Or there might be some (dark) spell from the black book or something that breaks the bond, but with fatal consequences? Du you have another suggestion? I read on Cassandra Clare’s tumblr, that there will be looking ts of fey and nixes in the second book, so maybe they turn to the fair folk for help? Excited to hear your thoughts😊

    1. I’m so glad Lord of Shadows picks up just one week later! Julian will no doubt know about the “relationship” between Emma and Mark, but we’ll still probably get to experience the initial heartbreak he’s feeling. (Our hearts will be shattered because he’s hurting, I’m sure!) And we’ll probably get to feel the inner torment of Emma, which will no doubt continue to grow if this ruse continues. Surely it will be easy for Jules to see right through Emma and tell by looking in her eyes that she doesn’t feel the same way about Mark that she does about him. Is she really that good of an actress? I guess the real question is…Can she act as well as Jules can, since he lied to her for so many years? I hope not! But Tessa did tell her that while it’s impossible to stop loving someone, it’s possible to hurt them enough that they’ll stop loving you. It’s what Will tried to do to her in the Clockwork/TID books. I sure hope Jules and Emma eventually get a happy ending, and I hope he finds out that this is all an act sooner rather than later!

      If Emma can pull the fake relationship with Mark off, I assume we’ll be able to tell whether Jules’ romantic love for her is waning by whether their runes continue to feel and act differently than they used to and whether they continue to have the telepathic communication. I didn’t even think about their telepathy in the cave being another side effect of their love, but I think you’re exactly right…That was a GREAT catch you had there! If their romantic love continues, we will no doubt see more telepathy, even more powerful runes, and more from these two!

      I love your idea about there possibly being a way to remedy the parabatai situation in the black book. That was a hint that Clare dropped that I hadn’t thought about! It’s clear that the black spell book is rarely seen, so it might contain things that most Shadowhunters are unaware of. And Jem and Tessa set out to find this book at the end of Lady Midnight, so I’m sure they eventually will. It must be important to the story if Clare mentioned it!

      Since Mark is so tied to the Fae and we got to know Kieran a little better at the end of Lady Midnight, I think there’s a good chance that they turn to the Fae. Clare also alluded to the idea that the Fae know many things (even ancient magic) that the Shadowhunters aren’t familiar with because they haven’t been around nearly as long. The Fae could absolutely have a solution to this problem, if only Mark can figure out a way to get them to help! It might have to be a trade off (we help you and then you help us) just like in Lady Midnight.

      Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  2. If it was Rook’s blood and he was a descendant of Tobias, then he does has Blackthorn blood because of Eva. But in the book, wasn’t it Malcolm’s blood that woke her up?

    1. I LOVE hearing everyone’s theories! There is so much Shadowhunter knowledge out there, and you all are bringing up things I hadn’t thought of!!! Trying to figure this all out together is so much fun!

      There were only two deaths I can think of at the end of the book…Johnny and Malcolm. Which one of those deaths raised Annabel? I don’t think we can tell for sure. This is Clare at her finest, leaving us to speculate!

      Okay, so I think you’re really onto something there about Eva! What a GREAT catch! I did not remember that she was originally a Blackthorn! So both if both Johnny & Kit “Rook” are descendants of Tobias Herondale and Eva Blackthorn-Herondale, then this theory about Kit’s blood raising Annabel can still work. The “Rooks” would have both Blackthorn and Herondale blood. Kit could be the lost Herondale, which the book indicates he is, while Johnny’s death could fulfill the spilling of Blackthorn blood. There were several similar questions posed to Cassandra Clare on Tumblr, and she answered them yesterday. In a nutshell, she said that the spell could be completed without Blackthorn blood, but Annabel would be raised as some other version of herself, maybe not of sound mind or body. The Blackthorn blood would be required to raise her with her original personality intact. Clare will not comment on which version of Annabel has risen, which to me means she won’t confirm whether Blackthorn blood was spilled or not. I’m thinking it was with Johnny. What do you all think? Here is the link to see her full response:

      Also, here’s a link to a page the Shadowhunters Wikia site. It discusses Eva in more detail:

      Thank you for your comment!!! 🙂

  3. I think the Arthur artwork was the drawing of when Jules found him in the attic after he had cut his wrist (arms?). The beginning of the realization that he was not all there and wouldn’t be able to help with the kids.

  4. I really hope I am wrong but I believe Jules and Emma already went to far in the relationship and because Emma is trying to end everything with Jules by dating Mark I think that’s gonna break Jules heart in a way he will not be able to recover, I believe it’s gonna drive him mad just like in Jem’s story. BUT I WANT A HAPPY ENDING so I’ll be glad to be wrong!!!! Please let me be wrong and let them live happilly ever after 💕

    1. I think they have definitely gone far enough to cause problems because things were changing Shadowhunter-wise (with their runes & with their telepathy in battle). My suspicions are that Jules will spend much of Lord of Shadows being really hurt by Mark & Emma, and it will seem like the damage is irreparable. But will they be able to repair their relationship somehow? If so, I think they’ll have to find a way to change the law surrounding the parabatai bond & figure out how to make it work without turning dark & destroying themselves. It sounds impossible, but I think it can be done! Then Julian will have to discover the truth about Emma & Mark & recover from the hurt he’s had from the false relationship. I certainly hope so because (just like you) I want a happy end for them because of all their history together & the fact that they are perfect for each other!!!

  5. Question: Do you think it might be possible that the Clave forbids romantic love between Parabatai only because they become so strong? Like there is no “side effect”…they won’t go crazy. They simply become very strong shadowhunters when they are together. They forbid it because they are afraid of it. They have spread the lie that they will lose their minds as a way to prevent it. I don’t remember hearing about any Parabatai that the mind-losing thing actually happened to….only the ones that were stripped of their marks and cast away. The Clave is creating a fear factor. And maybe very few in the Clave even know the truth…it has been a lie for so long.

    If my theory is true, Julian and Emma would someday be in a position to overthrow the Clave, lead a rebellion, or change the people in charge and make changes to laws, etc.

    And, yes, I think the mind reading is part of their bond. And did you notice how Julian knew how to find her when she was in the ocean. I don’t think that’s normal right?

    And what about when Emma mentioned how usually runes from Julian didn’t hurt but for some reason that one time it did a little more. Could this have marked the beginning of the “change” in them?

    Whether I’m right or not, I agree with Violeta (above) that they will continue to both be strong even though Emma is pretending to be with Mark. Maybe this will be how Julian finds out that she is lying.

    I really liked the whole book but I’m super mad that Emma is putting Mark in the path of her lies. Julian and the kids only just got their big brother back! Emma is going to make Julian hate Mark and that will effect everyone in their house. I really hope Emma said no to “hooking up” (Why Lie?) with Mark. I will be eternally disappointed in Emma (and Cassie Clare) for that matter. Both Mark and Emma love other people.

    1. Sara, I think it sounds just like the Clave to lie about why romantic love between parabatai is forbidden! It’s hard to piece together what all is going on between the clues in the book and Clare’s Tumblr post on this subject. I’m still a little confused and continuing to theorize about the various possibilities. But I think this is a great thought! Does the Clave know more than what they’re letting on about parabatai in love, even to Silent Brothers like Jem? I think it’s a strong possibility!

      It’s interesting that you mention Julian and Emma having enough power to possibly overthrow the Clave someday since the title of book 3 is The Queen of Air and Darkness. The “queen” part of the title could signify Emma in a leadership position. Maybe??

      Good thought about how Julian used telepathy or something similar to find Emma in the ocean, which would have been very hard without some sort of guidance…Something else I hadn’t thought of! I love all of these catches you guys have had! 🙂

      Seeing Mark in a relationship with Emma, which he has always feared, is sure to hurt Julian tremendously! Will he have to lie again to hide his hurt and fury? He would only be able to let it show to Emma, or everyone else will start suspecting his feelings for Emma. Or maybe the feeling will be so intense that he can’t hide it and his family will figure out his feelings for Emma by the end of book 2. Maybe?? I would love it if they could all work together in book 3 to solve the parabatai/romantic love mystery! It was so much fun watching them work together to solve the mystery in Lady Midnight.

      Great thoughts!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

    1. Ooooh…Good theory, B! I just re-read that comic scene from your link. It’s been ages since I’ve read it! Emma is mentioned, so she was there for sure. It’s probably safe to assume that Julian was there, too, since the two are usually together. So now the question is why don’t they remember which wedding Magnus is talking about? When he mentions seeing them at another wedding, it says “Emma and Julian exchanged puzzled glances.” They would’ve been young at the wedding (pre-teens or early teenagers?), but they should’ve been old enough remember it. Hmmm…Very interesting!

      After looking at this passage again, I noticed that Magnus says that Helen’s wedding “wasn’t the last wedding I saw you at.” So whatever wedding he’s referring to took place after Helen’s. When was Helen’s wedding? The comic strip says Jem & Tessa’s was in 2009, about a year after the events of COHF. Was Helen’s before or after this?

      Great thoughts, which leave me with even more to analyze!!! Thank you!!! 🙂

      1. The wedding was after and takes place in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy two years after the dark war and cold peace!

      2. When I was reading the book, the thing that automatically came to mind when Magnus talked about a wedding Emma and Julian had both been at that they didn’t “remember” was their Parabatai ceremony. Because it wasn’t actually a wedding. Magnus was just being facetious because he knows how they feel about each other. That may be completely off, and I’m sure we’ll find out in the future if so, but it’s just what I automatically assumed at the time. It made the most sense to me.

        1. Interesting theory, Charli, and one I hadn’t thought of. This passage is so puzzling to me. I really hope we get an explanation in Lord of Shadows! 🙂

        2. Asmodeus (Magnus’ demon father) gives Magnus dreams of the future at times. Maybe he saw Julian and Emma getting married in the future? That has been the only really strong theory I’ve managed to come up with. Of course, that would then beg the question of why a demon Prince would want to give his son such a nice dream…

  6. Please check this theories page again because I added a ton of new content yesterday! Plus, just today I had a (possible) epiphany, so I added it, too. It’s about the title of book 2, Lord of Shadows, and how it might tie into The Last Hours series and James Herondale’s “shadow ability.”

  7. Hi! I don’t know if this question was answered for you already but Alec and Magnus were talking about their adopted son Rafael that they named after Raphael Santiago that you addressed in Miscellanious theories (#6 I believe).
    These theories are interesting! I didn’t even think about the one about the wedding but now I’m so curious! I’m trying to think about which couples have gotten married in Jules and Emma’s lifetimes!
    I agree about your theory with Diana and Cristina! Something is sketchy about Diana and I really wanna know what it is. Although, Diana and Cristina werent profoundly awkward with each other and I feel like if they had some type of relationship they probably would have been a bit awkward and Jules and Emma would have picked up on it.
    I’m so worried about Arthur’s comments to Julian “it won’t help you in the end,” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? I have plenty of theories that are far fetched about what this could mean but I don’t even want to think about anything happening to my poor baby Jules!
    Ah- here’s the question that I keep considering while thinking about book 2 and 3, Emma and Julian are gonna be endgame… We know this. CC keeps these ships afloat, unless this is the first ship that will not sail (though I highly doubt it) however, what do they risk? What will happen to their parabatai bond? Will they have to cut the bond? Will they have to stop being parabatai? Or will this law and theory about required love between parabatai turn out to be false?
    I truly believe that Magnus, Alec, Clary, Jace and Simon will help Jules and Emma with this situation, why else would CC include them so much in the series? And she’s been hinting in the tales from the Shadowhunter academy and even in lady midnight that both Clary and Simon (Jace too I believe) started to notice awkward energy between Jules and Emma. They’ve “seen this kind of behavior before but can’t put their finger on what exactly it is”. Simon at their parabatai ceremony (in the fiery trial which I recommend everyone reads again bc it’s !!!!!) and clary after they help the Blackthorn’s rebuild the LA institute in 2009. Cassie confirmed to me on Twitter today that they definitely don’t know what’s going on exactly! But I think when they find out, they won’t be surprised.
    This books is really keeping me on my feet! I always have predictions for books, but with CC I am always surprised! Pleasantly surprised, but surprised! I suppose we’ll see if our questions are answered April 2017!

    1. Thank you for your answer about Rafael! I received this same response via Twitter, and I’m so glad you all shared this with me. As an eBook reader, I haven’t got to read this short story yet. I hope it’s released on-line very soon because I hear there’s also a major Clace scene in it, too! 🙂

      Thanks for answering my question about when Helen’s wedding was. It sounds like it was after Jem & Tessa’s, and Magnus says Helen’s wedding isn’t the last one he saw Jules & Emma at. So it was a wedding within the past few years. Why wouldn’t they remember it? I am REALLY stumped on this one!!

      Very interesting point about how Diana and Cristina did not seem awkward around each other. If they had been, it’s something that Jules or Emma and/or us readers should have picked up on. So maybe Cristina’s “Di-” is referring to Diego instead and the Diana mystery is something entirely separate.

      I agree that Arthur’s foreboding comment to Julian is really troublesome! How would he know anything about the future? Intuition? Prophecy? Or is it just one of his typical nonsensical ramblings? I tend to think that it has some meaning. I would love to hear some of your theories, even if they’re far-fetched, if you want to share them someday! 🙂

      I agree that if Clare’s formula from her first two series continues with TDA that Emma and Julian will end up together in the end. Let’s hope she doesn’t throw a surprise in there for us! But she made us love Jemma too much to not eventually bring them back together, right? Even if it is possibly at the very end of book 3, I’m willing to wait! I’m afraid book 2 will be heartache for us Jemma shippers, though. But if they do end up together, will they still be parabatai? Will there be tragedy and sacrifice? Or is the Clave wrong (or lying) & they actually can have it all? I love your thought that our TMI & TID crews will be there to help in some way. Anytime any of them make an appearance, I read the scene with a huge smile on my face!!!

      Was it you who asked this question of Clare today? Cool!! 🙂 Even though Clare said that none of the TMI crew has figured out Jemma’s feelings for each other, I know Simon had an inkling something was off during their parabatai ceremony. And in this novella (which I also loved!!!), he even thinks back to his dream-like state when Jace reminds him to remember when he & Jace first met. It was, of course, in the cafe when Simon was getting ready to confess his feelings to Clary. But they were one-sided feelings. Will Simon soon realize Jules’ feelings for Emma and think Jules is in the same boat he was…unrequited love? Sorry for the rambling here…I’m literally thinking this through while I’m typing.

      I love how Clare keeps us guessing! It’s one of my favorite things about her books. And after book 2, we’re going to have TLH theories thrown in because book 1 in this series will most likely be the third book released (maybe in 2018?). It will get really messy (and FUN!) trying to sort out the intertwining stories together. Can she possibly come up with anything as cool as the TMI/TID overlaps, especially Jem & Brother Zachariah? Here’s to hoping!!

      Thanks for your excellent insights!!! 🙂

    2. I,m really hoping there a scene like towards the end of the book where Julian corners Emma and forces her to be honest with him and they have a little passionate moment I think it would be really cool

  8. UPDATE: I have to comment on the “Why lie?” issue one more time because it is being mentioned so often on Twitter. Clare even included it in her April Fools Tumblr post. She answered a reader question about Emma’s reaction to “Why lie?” with a drawing of a fake scene between Mark and Emma. But at the end of the post she says…”You’ll find out what happens in the “Why lie?” scene – but not till Lord of Shadows.” Seeing this quote so many times yesterday keeps me analyzing and re-analyzing this scene. Look back in the “Why lie?” section above for my edit on point (1) and my two new points, (3) & (4).

  9. Ok so I loved this book. Jules and Emma are by far my favorite Shadowhunter characters (of course excluding Magnus). I have a couple theories…
    -This is just spit balling but I think Diana might be Kit’s mother. This would explain her disappearances and why she went to go meet Caterina Loss; she was looking for her son. Also Diana is one of the characters with that hasn’t met and doesn’t know that Kit is at the institute.
    -Another Diana theory is that she is really another Blackthorn, this would explain why she wanted to be a tutor with the Blackthorn family but I don’t know why it would have to be a secret
    – I think Mark found Emma’s request at the end of the book amusing because he released that she’s just what he needed a rebound after Kieran.
    -I really don’t think Mark and Emma’s relationship is going to last half a book. I mean there both using each other and Emma isn’t described as the best liar especially when it comes to Julian. Plus I don’t believe the curse can be stopped just because you try to stay away from other, I mean it’s obvious there both in love. I think there powers together are just going to continue to get stronger.
    – I don’t think the Blackthorns are going to ask the faeries for help rather I believe the faeries (namely Kieran) are going to come to them (or Mark but where he goes everyone else goes).
    – I also believe we’ll see a lot more of Gywn. Another detail that I found really interesting in the book that you didn’t mention was how Gywn must surrender to anyone who steals his cloak. I believe that this will come back into play.
    – I think out of any of the TMI characters we’ll probably see Magnus the most since the Blackthorns will probably need warlock help in the future and Magnus is EVERYWHERE. Also Magnus seems to be motivated to get rid of the Cold Peace which appears to be one of the major themes of this new series.
    – I think Johnny Rook’s blood was the blood the needed to resurrect Annabel but I don’t think it was enough. I mean it’s probably really diluted after so many generations. This means Annabel will be weak when she wakes up and will probably need another Blackthorn sacrifice.
    Question 1: Does anyone else notice how big a part the Ocean is playing in this? I mean the book says Annabel was resurrected with the Ocean’s magic and there are many other Ocean type hints throughout the book. What do you think it means?
    Question 2: who thinks Ty and Kit are going to end up as Parabati? I know it’s sort of weird but it just seem right to me.
    Question 3: Are we all just assuming that Annabel is going to be evil?
    That’s all the theories I can think of right now but I know I have more. What do you think. Let me know.

    1. I have heard a lot of people say that Jules and Emma are their favorite Shadowhunter characters/pair, just like you! They really are great, well-developed characters. We already love them, and we’ve only read book 1!!! 🙂

      I love your idea that Diana might be Kit’s mother. This thought never occurred to me. There is definitely a mystery surrounding her, and I couldn’t figure out how it will tie into the characters and/or plot we’ve read so far. Yours is a very good theory, especially since her absence was once tied to Caterina Loss. Good catch!!! The fact that Diana is a Blackthorn is another interesting theory, although now I’m really hoping for your first theory about her. Whatever her story is, I think she’ll be a more important character in books 2 & 3 as the mystery surrounding her unfolds.

      Since Mark had just seen Cristina kissing Diego, he has that hurt going on, too. He’s experiencing a lot of heartache right now, and then there is Emma asking for a relationship. Even a fake one might sound good to him right now. I agree that Emma’s question might be amusing to him because of the irony of the timing. He needs a rebound, and along comes Emma. So he’s smiling at his good fortune. 🙂 Good theory!!! And I hope you’re right about the Mark/Emma thing not even lasting half the book. For Jemma shippers, it would be great to get it over with quickly! I agree that Jules should be able to see through Emma’s lies. The only way he won’t is if he’s just too blinded by the hurt of it all. But hopefully he’ll see through it very quickly.

      I agree that their parabatai power will continue to grow. Emma will keep loving Jules for sure, so the only way the power won’t grow is if she hurts him enough to kill his love for her. Clare hinted that this might happen in Tessa’s conversation with Emma. But then we know how well trying to stop love has worked in Clare’s other two Shadowhunter series. 😉 Emma will know if her plan is working if their extra parabatai powers start failing. If they don’t, maybe she’ll finally give up on the fake relationship with Mark!

      Have you seen the Tumblr post about the Mark & Kieran snippet from LofS? Because of it, I think you’re right…Kieran will come to the Blackthorns for help. If so, hopefully Mark will ask for a favor from the Faeries in return. Gwyn seems to be a fascinating character in the Faerie world, and I love your catch about the importance of his cloak. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I totally agree that it seems like a hint that will be important at some point. Another great catch on your part!

      I think there’s a good chance that Magnus will have a more significant role in book 2. Shadowhunters always seem to need a warlock around, and with Malcolm gone, I figure Magnus is the one they’ll turn to. I have a feeling that he will be VERY important throughout all the remaining Shadowhunter series, especially in The Wicked Powers. I agree that the Cold Peace and The Clave’s unfairness will be a theme that prevails throughout the rest of TDA, and I think it might be a them in TWP, too. I think the title “The Wicked Powers” might refer to The Clave. Do you agree?

      Question 1: I’m not sure what the significance of the ocean is, but I hope the theme continues. It’s a new element in Clare’s works, and I love all the imagery that surrounds it! I hope someone else can offer some insights on this question.

      Question 2: I personally think that Ty and Kit will end up as parabatai. That has been my guess after I really thought it over not long after finishing the book. I’m glad you feel the same way and hope this happens! And if so, I hope Livvy’s not too hurt by it since she wants to be Ty’s parabatai.

      Question 3: I had assumed that Annabel will be evil if she didn’t get the “full” resurrection that Clare references in the Tumblr post. But now that you mention it, having a different personality wouldn’t necessarily mean it would be an evil one. Or what if she was resurrected fully with Blackthorn blood, with her old personality in tact? Maybe she’ll be evil in that scenario because she’s furious about what happened to her. Maybe? She could be an interesting character either way, right?…someone from hundreds of years ago in Europe resurrected in the modern-day U.S. It will be fun to watch her adjust to her new surroundings! 🙂 I’m not even sure what path I hope Clare takes with Annabel, but I think she’ll be a compelling character regardless!

      Thanks again for all your GREAT thoughts!!! 🙂

  10. Lady Midnight is by far one of my favourite books by Clare, and I’m absolutely in love with Jemma and Mark.
    I think all the theories above are brilliant, and I never thought about half of them to be honest. The most prominent one is the Julian/Emma/Mark love triangle, I am looking forward to see how this plays out! I’m hoping, like all the other Jemma shippers, that they will figure out something, but Emma being with Mark in any way will KILL Julian. Not sure if he would be able to come back from that, even if Emma does tell him about their bond. That’s another thing…will Emma tell him? Or will Julian figure it out? Hmmm…
    Also, I thought of this while reading one of the theories about Cristina, about her saying “Di-my mother…”. What if Diana is her mother too? I’m not sure if it’s possible, but that’s what I thought of haha!
    I swear the ocean has some sort of significance in the series, based on the amount of times it’s been mentioned. And I’m curioud about whether or not Emma will get over her fear, or if she has already, because of her parents’ deaths.
    OH, and I think Kit is going to be linked to Ty in some way, either romantically or becoming parabatai (which Livvy will be most upset about). But yeah, that’s all I can think of right now…
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. OH! Something else…
      About the “Why lie?” bit at the end…not entirely sure if that was the question he intended to ask or if it’s something entirely different.
      But the fact that Emma had changed into something nice instead of her usual tank tops and jeans showed that she was desperate to impress Mark so he would do the favour for her.
      He has to figure it out at some point in the next book…he has to…
      Okay, I think that’s it now 🙂

      1. Aww, thanks! It was challenging but fun to put these theories together! There were so many clues and so much information to accumulate and contemplate! 🙂

        I agree that the theory we all want to figure out most of all is the love triangle. How can this possibly end up being okay? (I had these exact same thoughts when I was reading TMI & TID a couple years ago, by the way!) 😉 I also agree that Clare laid the foundation that anything happening between Mark and Emma will really hurt Julian. I like your question about how Julian will find out. Will Emma see how much she’s hurting him and eventually tell him, or will he see through the lies? He’s a smart guy and very familiar with lying, so let’s hope he spots it here! I think Julian will eventually find out the truth (hopefully in book 2!!) but the question of how is an intriguing one! It sounds like a great poll question for Twitter! If you put it out there, please tag @book_recaps in it because I would love to cast a vote on this topic! 🙂

        The whole Cristina quote where she starts to say “Di-“ is such a good trick by Clare! It could be one of two names. Is it Diana or Diego? And what was Cristina covering up when she cuts this sentence short? I didn’t see any other clues dropped that the two women might know each other, but I’m not 100% sure. I can’t wait to learn more about Diana in the coming books!

        Someone else mentioned the ocean’s significance to me recently, and it’s something that didn’t dawn on me as I was reading. I knew it was mentioned a lot but didn’t consider whether it would be an important theme throughout the series. But now that I’ve heard it mentioned, I totally agree, especially since sea water is part of what dripped into Annabel’s tomb in the epilogue. I think Emma’s fear being conquered in the end would be great and might symbolize her somehow coming to terms with the hurt she associates with it. Great thought you had there! 🙂

        My vote for Kit and Ty is parabatai! I think the mention of Livvy wanting to be parabatai with Ty but him not wanting to is significant. And with Kit in the mix now and an obvious bond between the two, I think this might be our answer!

        The “Why lie?” was such a great line, right?! It has spurred on so much chatter on-line because of its seeming ambiguity! Another genius move on Clare’s part, for sure!

        And finally, l love your catch about how Emma got dressed up to talk with Mark. It’s a very different outfit than her usual casual fare and was probably to try to catch Mark’s eye so he might agree to her plan. And I agree that surely he’ll figure out what’s up pretty quickly. Emma mentioned that this favor is tied to Julian, and surely everyone will notice that Julian is on edge about something. Will Mark will put two-and-two together and realize Jules and Emma have feeling for each other? Oh, is book 2 going to be fun! Torturous (because the characters we love will be hurting) but fun!!! 😉 🙂

  11. This theory doesn’t paint a very good light on some people, but I’m just gonna throw it out there.

    After reading the book I was obsessing and decided to watch some interviews with Cassandra Clare on YouTube. In her interview with Christine from PolandBananasBooks they were discussing the parabatai curse and how even though Jace died in City of Glass, he and Alec were still parabatai. I think her exact words were, “you have to be pretty dead to break the parabatai bond.” That was when the idea sparked. We all know Lady Midnight deals with necromancy, so in my head it clicked that if Emma were to die Julian would do anything to save her, and he said this multiple times throughout the book, so what if Julian used necromancy to bring her back? I love Julian, but I could see him doing something like this, just because he’s so reckless. We saw this recklessness when he got Anselm Nightshade in trouble in order to save his family. We don’t know how far he’s willing to go to protect the ones he loves.

    I don’t know, it’s just a theory.

    1. I think this is a good theory!! I like how it combines two of the main themes that were mentioned time and again in the book…(1) the parabatai bond is only broken by death (or if they become mundanes, right?) and (2) necromancy, which in this book specifically was directed at bringing a true love back from the dead. I agree with what you said about how Julian is reckless about the ones he loves. I think he would say or do whatever it took to keep Emma and his siblings safe and by his side. And if your suggestion of Emma’s death and resurrection is the way Clare plans on getting Jemma together in the end (which she better do so some way, right?!), then Mark & Emma’s fake relationship is a great ploy to throw us all off base!! I think you have GREAT thoughts here. I’m not sure which way Clare will have it play out, but I think Jules & Emma will end up together in the end. And this is one probable way it could happen. It’s one that never occurred to me, and I think it was a great catch by you!! 🙂

  12. When julian goes to see uncle Arthur when the Blackthorns get back from England there’s an interesting little passage:
    “Archilles had a phorminx,” he [uncle Arthur] was muttering, “with a crossbar of silver; Hercules was taught to play the cithara. Both instruments have been translated as ‘lyre,’ but are they the same instrument? If they are, why the different words to describe them?”
    He then goes on to question parabatai love being philia or agape (as eros is forbidden). This is before Julian changes the subject…
    I wonder if this was to question if there is truely that much of a difference between the three and how can you limit it to just the one? And if the Clave labelled them when they are the same instrument just with different words to describe them.
    Probably nothing, just something curious I thought I’d post ☺

    1. The passage you mention is one that intrigued me, but I didn’t mention it in my write-up because I wasn’t sure what conclusions to draw from it. As is often the case with Clare’s writing, I knew there was probably a deeper meaning to the “crazy rambles” she chose for Arthur here. I meant to go back and read a little more about the instruments and stories he referenced but then never got around to it. But I really like the idea you propose! And I especially like what you said about “How can you limit it to just one [type of love]?” Could that even be the theme of the whole series…the incredible power of all types of love? I think not being able to separate all three types of love is especially true when you’re talking about soul mates, which I assume is what Jules and Emma are. The Clave has tried to label and then regulate love between parabatai, but I don’t think it’s possible. Great thoughts, Kate!!! Thank you!!! 🙂

  13. I,m really hoping that there a scence towards of the book where Julian corners Emma and forces her to be honest with him and then they a passionate moment together I think it would be really cool

    1. I agree, Ally! 🙂 I really hope this happens by the end of book 2. I don’t want to have to wait until book 3 to see them together again!!!

  14. Could it be possible that the wedding is a future wedding and Magnus got the timeline messed up? Just a thought.

    1. This is a cool idea, Caitlyn! I’m trying to remember if it’s ever mentioned that Magnus knows about or can travel to different timelines. I’m drawing a blank! Is it mentioned in this book or possibly in the Bane Chronicles? (I have read some of those novellas but not all of them.)

      I haven’t thought about this quote in awhile, but now it really has me stumped and intrigued all over again. Thanks for your idea!!! 🙂

  15. I’ve read some of the new theories people have posted, there all really good. You asked about Magnus and if he could have the ability to go into other timelines. I’m pretty sure nothing of that sort of thing is ever mentioned in the books, with warlocks or otherwise. It would be really cool if Magnus could but if he can why hasn’t he before during the dark war or earlier? I think it’s much more possible Magnus is talking about a wedding that is currently a secret but he wants Emma and Julian to know about. Who’s this would be, I have no idea. It’s also possible he’s hinting at the possibility of a future wedding like how at the end Isabelle let slip to Clary of the possibility of them having a double wedding before Jace had even proposed.
    As for the possibility of Julian using necromancy in the future, I believe it is possible. Obviously everyone else will try to stop him but its not like Clare hasn’t made it happen before. Clary asked the angel to bring Jace back from the dead and we know something happened in the past that allowed Jesse Blackthorn to be brought back. The one problem with this theory is that it appears that Jules and Emma are becoming more and more connected so it’s likely that if something were to kill Emma it would also kill Julian. Case and point, when he almost drowned in the institute. If we suspect that their abilities to keep growing there bond will too. I’m interested in what type of necromancy Julian would use; Clary used an angel, Simon was technically brought back by a demon in the City of Heavenly Fire, it appears Jesse was brought back by either dark shadowhunter magic or warlock magic, and Annabell was brought back by a warlock. Is there such a thing as necromancy with Fairy magic?
    I do think that one of the big arguments Jules and Emma have for their defense is that they love each other in all the ways of Parabati as well as Eros. They’re best friends, as close as siblings, and in love romantically. How can the clave discern one type of love when they love each other in so many ways.
    That’s my thoughts for now, I do have one question what do you think the Dark Artifices are? We know that the Mortal Instruments are the mortal cup, the mortal sword, and the mortal mirror but what about the Dart Artifices. Do you think the Black Book is one of them?

    1. Thanks for another round of great comments, Devan! I agree that there have been some great theories offered by all commenters above! 🙂

      Thanks for answering my question about whether Magnus and time travel have been mentioned before. I didn’t think so and was hoping I hadn’t missed a big hint somewhere along the way in the various Shadowhunter books or novellas. 😉 I think your theory about Magnus hinting about a future wedding to Emma and Jules is a good possibility. If this is the case, I think there is a reason he wants them to know about it ahead of time. I wonder what the reason could be??

      And excellent point about if Emma would die that it would hurt Jules or possibly even cause him to die, too. If their parabatai bond is severed, then she could die without it hurting him, but I sincerely hope neither of these things happen!!! I think someone else will likely use necromancy before this trilogy is over because it’s been mentioned so often already, but whether it is Jules remains to be seen.

      Your last question is my favorite one you have posed!!! “What do you think the Dark Artifices are?” I googled the word “artifice” to see the exact definition, and I think it’s quite interesting…”clever or cunning devices…, especially as used to trick or deceive others.” The fact that they are devices used to deceive others adds an interesting element, doesn’t it? I hadn’t even considered this. I think the Black Book could definitely be one of them. Could Cortana be one? Probably not because it is pretty straight forward what a sword is used for, although it has been alluded to that it might have power beyond a normal sword. I can’t come up with any others right now, but it is going to be fun to watch for the other one(s) when we read the next book!!! Thanks again for your great thoughts! 🙂

      1. I just thought of something!!! If the the dark artifices are used to trick and deceive then the first things that come to my mind are faeries so its possible theses artifices have something to do with them. Its mentioned in TMI that the Seelie Queen’s power can be taken if someone takes her crown. It is then mentioned in The Midnight Lady that Gywn has to bow to whoever manages to steal his cloak. If this is true for the Seelie court and the Hunt then this should be the same for the Unseelie court. There must be some object of the Unseelie King’s that when stolen the king loses his power as well. Since so far in Cassandra Clare`s series three has been a rec-curing number when discussing powerful objects (mortal sword, lake and cup/ black, gray, and white books) these could be the dark artifices. If I’m right then it could be that in TDA someone tries to steal all these artifacts from faerie thus controlling all the faeries. This could also be why Keiran comes back to ask a favor from Mark and why we see him in several snippets for the Lord of Shadows.

        1. I think the parallel you draw between the definition of artifices and what we know about faeries is a good one…both involve trickery and deception. And I agree things have come in threes in Clare’s first two series. So I love your suggestion that these three items (the Seelie Queen’s crown, Gwyn’s cloak, and some object of the Unseelie King’s that we don’t know about yet) are the dark artifices the series is named after. GREAT theory!!! 🙂 If this is indeed the case, my guess is we’ll discover what the Unseelie King’s object is in book 2. And someone controlling the faeries using these three objects sounds like a fun and dramatic possibility. Talk about power if someone can accomplish this!!!

  16. I got a theory about how how jules well find out about Emma’s and marks relationship being a what if Malcolm’s alive and working with Annabelle to revenge on the blackthorn,s and Emma and he spills the beans unlikely but still he could happen?

    1. There are quite a few people who think Malcolm is still alive. If so, he might tell Jules what he knows. He’s always seemed to know quite a bit about the parabatai bond!

  17. I’m not entirely convinced that the dark artifices are a real thing but if they are I would think they be
    The black book
    And something else possible related to the Seeley and useeley courts

    1. It’s hard to know for sure! I think the black book and Cortana are great ideas. And the Fae seem to have a big role in this series, so one of the three could very well could be a faerie item. I wish we could get a hint about the artifices from Clare before book 2! 🙂

  18. I believe, Ty just looks different because he really got his looks from a different branch of the family. According to the family tree (even if it’s messed up) Lucy Herondale married Jesse Blackthorn. Thats why Ty has the typical black Herondale-hair and grey eyes like Tessa. Apart from this, I see no further meaning in his appearance. Just a nice nod to all of us who love “The Infernal Devices”.

    1. That could very well be the case, Becca! Early on, I was watching for any signs about who the lost Herondale might be. Ty’s different appearance is mentioned in the TFSA novellas, too, and I kept thinking the frequency with which it is mentioned might mean it’s important. But now we know who the lost Herondale is, and I see where you’re coming from and think what you said is a good possibility. I always love nods to the other two series, especially TID (which is my favorite!!). Thanks for your comment! 🙂


    1. Yes, please!!! Lol! Fingers crossed that you’re right, Chloe! 😉 🙂

  20. I was thinking about the wedding that Magnus mentioned, what if that wedding it’s a premonition, you know that sometimss Magnus have those dreams like prophecies,
    an example could be when Tessa told Jem on the bridge about Magnus dream in which he would heal. I don´t know maybe is the Sizzy wedding, or Jemma wedding (I know this one it’s to crazy, but come on, I want to belive that they both will have a happy ending).
    About the lost Herondale, I didn’t see that coming, but now I realized that he has the same hair(blond) and same eyes(light blue) that Edmund Herondale ( Will’s father) I think it was a little clue that Cassie put there

    1. The wedding Magnus mentioned is so fascinating to me. It might end up just being an inconsequential, fun fact, but I am still so, SO anxious to see what he was referring to! A premonition makes sense to me because otherwise why wouldn’t Jules & Emma remember what he’s talking about. Right? If it isn’t a premonition, then I feel like it might be a big deal. A memory wipe could potentially be a big thing. This mystery is one of the many reasons I’m looking SO forward to Lord of Shadows!!! 🙂

      I am so excited we already know who the the lost Herondale is, too. I didn’t think we would find out in book 1, but I’m so happy we did. Now we get to learn all about him in book 2. I can’t wait to see which Herondale his personality ends up being the most like!!! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

        1. That’s definitely a possibility! My only question is why wouldn’t Jules & Emma remember it? It’s such a mystery! I hope we find out what this is all about in Lord of Shadows!

  21. During the battle with Malcom were none of the Blackthorns injured? If so could not their blood have awoken Lady Midnight?

    1. This is one of the things I was wondering when I read Lady Midnight, too, Leslie! I was thinking this must be the case since the spell indicated Blackthorn blood was needed to raise her. Cassandra Clare received many questions on this subject and shed some additional light on what might have happened in a Tumblr post four months ago. Here are some key excerpts from this post:

      “…the fact is that the spell that Malcolm was trying to cast was one that would bring back Annabel fully restored. He did not cast that spell in entirety…What the ritual is meant to do is bring back Annabel, the real Annabel, with her personality intact. We don’t know that happened…Is she back the way Malcolm wants, completely herself again, no longer a skeleton, totally sound in mind and body? That we don’t know. Literally all we know is that Malcolm’s blood and the seawater dripping down on her caused her to open her eyes. For all we know she’s been able to open her eyes for a while. Malcolm’s blood cannot complete the spell. But that doesn’t mean no one else will complete it, or that Annabel won’t crawl skeletally from her coffin and try to complete it herself.”

      I still don’t know what the full answer is and/or what state Annabel will be in as Lord of Shadows opens. I hope we find out the specifics early on in the book! Thank you for your comment!!! 🙂

      Follow the link to read her full Tumblr post:http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/141499556289/lady-midnight-spoilers-the-final-key-is

  22. I believe that it was Johnny Rook’s blood that awoke Annabelle from the dead since he may have been a descendant of a Herondale and a Blackthorn so that when his blood was spilt (And not far from the convergence point) it would awaken Annabelle, that also explains why the demons were tumbling in on their residence as they could probably distinguish blood and were working for Malcolm. I also believe that Annabelle will remember Malcolm and her family and seek great revenge (And love), probably mistaking the current Blackthorn family as them. My last theory is that Criego (Cristina and Diego) won’t work out, however, Mastina (Mark and Cristina) will.

    1. I wondered the same thing when I first read Lady Midnight, Brooklyn! I wondered whose blood it was but then decided it must have been someone with Blackthorn blood since she awoke. But according to this Tumblr post from Clare, I’m not so sure now. Here are some key excerpts from this post:

      “…the fact is that the spell that Malcolm was trying to cast was one that would bring back Annabel fully restored. He did not cast that spell in entirety…What the ritual is meant to do is bring back Annabel, the real Annabel, with her personality intact. We don’t know that happened…Is she back the way Malcolm wants, completely herself again, no longer a skeleton, totally sound in mind and body? That we don’t know. Literally all we know is that Malcolm’s blood and the seawater dripping down on her caused her to open her eyes. For all we know she’s been able to open her eyes for a while. Malcolm’s blood cannot complete the spell. But that doesn’t mean no one else will complete it, or that Annabel won’t crawl skeletally from her coffin and try to complete it herself.”

      I still don’t know what the full answer is and/or what state Annabel will be in as Lord of Shadows opens. I hope we find out the specifics early on in the book! Here’s the link to read her full Tumblr post: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/141499556289/lady-midnight-spoilers-the-final-key-is

      I had never considered Annabel possibly mistaking a current Blackthorn family as one of their ancestors. But since the family seems to have some dominant physical traits that have carried through generations, this is a good possibility. It would be interesting, for sure! Great thought!

      I wonder how much support there would be among fans for Mastina over Criego (great ship names, by the way!). 😉 I’m about 50/50 on who she will end up with. Maybe I’ll have a better guess after book 2 when we see how the Emma/Mark ruse effects everyone. Thank you for your comments!!! 🙂

  23. Damn ok this is a late reply. Regarding the theories about all the romances/friendships in the book, I think I may have a feeling this is going to be the pairings:

    Emma and Mark: I think by somehow fake dating Mark, Emma is going to have some sort of romantic feeling towards Mark, but realize that she’s trying to feel the same way she did with Jules and she’s not actually in love with him. This is similar to Clary and Simon and how she dated him and thought she had feelings for him when in reality she was trying to get over Jace.

    Jules and Emma: Since forbidden love is a huge theme in this series, I think there is definitely going to be some forbidden and stolen kisses and what-nots between these two since Lady Midnight itself was filled with so much sexual tension.

    Jules and Someone: I’m not sure about this, but maybe Jules gets a girlfriend in order to try and get over Emma, kinda like Jace did. I’m not too sure about this since there’s no evidence.

    Kit and Ty: Ok so I ship these two so much because from whatever we have seen from the snippets, both these boys have some sort of friendship or bond with each other. Ty also seemed to be different from the rest of the family members and I’m not trying to discriminate or anything, but often times I’ve heard that the people that stood out in the family did so because they had something that the other didn’t have. I feel like Ty is gay or maybe bi because he doesn’t try to pursue friendships or relationships with anyone, but he does with Kit. There’s not too much evidence hinting towards his sexuality but I just have this feeling lol.

    Christina/Diego/Mark: I’m pretty sure Christina will choose Diego over Mark because Mark still has feelings towards Kieran and maybe by fake dating Emma he might like her too.

    Mark and Kieran: This better happen! There is hope for these two because they understand each other and have some sort of bond. They were each others hopes.

    Dru and Someone: Dru doesn’t have a great opinion about her body or herself so I feel like she deserves some sort of love interest. Idk, just a thought.

    Clary and Jace: AGH I GOT SO SCARED WHEN I FOUND OUT CLARY DIDN’T WANT TO MARRY JACE. Ok so I’m very confident that Clary didn’t cheat on Jace (lol who would she cheat with) and it’s definitely not trust issues because they worked through all of that. I think Clary is pregnant and she’s afraid that the child may carry some part of Valentine or something and doesn’t want to marry Jace because she’s afraid of his reaction.

    Jem and Emma: I feel like Jem will try and be closer to Emma and reveal he’s a Carstairs (unless he already did, I’m not sure if he’s told her they’re related yet).

    Jem and Tessa: They keep up their sexy lmao.

    Malcolm and Annabel: We might get to see more into their relationship and what it was. Maybe Malcolm and Annabel reunite in death after they both somehow die. Again, this is just a wild speculation.

    I think this about covers it! I can’t wait for her new book aghjfwehfwbyvnw; May is too far away. What do you think?

    1. I love how your comment is grouped around couples and relationships because that’s Cassie Clare at her best, right? IMO, she can write angst and impossible romantic situations and rip our hearts out better than anyone! 😉 I enjoy the Shadowhunter world and the plots of the various series, too, but the reason I keep coming back for more is because of the relationships she writes. Quite frankly, I didn’t think she could write one that rivals Will & Tessa for me, but she certainly did so with Jules & Emma in Lady Midnight. What a cliffhanger she left us with! And the snippets she has released so far insinuate there is more heartache to come.

      Thanks for sharing your feelings on the relationships in this series! I loved reading them! 🙂 Here are a few specific comments on what you wrote:

      I didn’t even think about the Mark/Emma situation ending up being like Simon/Clary, where Emma might be trying to force herself to have feelings beyond friendship. Good observation; it may end up being the case!

      One of the snippets Clare has released alludes to the fact that Jules might be dating someone. It’s vague, but he’s doing something he’s afraid will really bother Emma. I tend to think it might be he’s trying to date someone else.

      You are the second person I’ve read recently who it pretty sure Cristina will choose Diego. I haven’t been sure which way she’ll go, but I think it’s interesting that people are leaning toward him over Mark. It would make sense to me if she ends up with someone she has so much history with.

      I bought the ebook, so I still haven’t got to read the Clary/Jace scene. 🙁 I need to see if it has been published online yet. I hope so because I would really like to read it! Does the novella hint that Clary might be pregnant? I hadn’t read that anywhere else. If so, that’s a big deal!!!

      Lord of Shadows is my most anticipated book of 2017, so I agree that May is absolutely TOO FAR AWAY!!! We’re having to wait two months past when we originally thought we would have it in hand. Ahhh!!! 😉

      Thanks again for your comments! 🙂

  24. Malcolm could have been aware that Johnny’s ancestors were Eva Blackthorn and Tobias Herondale so he therefore could have been thinking to use his blood as a last resort if the Blackthorn children’s failed him. So Malcom could have made a deal with demons to kill Johnny to resurect Annabel-Lee if all else were to fail. Or Malcom could have put wards at Johnny’s house to protect him and insure that he will be alive when he needs his blood to spilled to wake up Annabel-Lee.
    Also i thought that the wards failing in Johnny’s house proved Malcom’s death.

    1. Thank you for your comment!! 🙂 I like your idea that the reason Malcolm put the wards at Johnny’s house was to keep him protected in case he needed to eventually use his blood to raise Annabel. I agree!!

      I agree that Malcolm died, at least left the world in some fashion, or the spells at Johnny’s house wouldn’t have been lifted. But Jem and Tessa didn’t seem convinced. They set off to find his body at the end of Chapter 27, so they must have doubts or at least want to confirm what they suspect. Since Annabel was resurrected (in some form) on the last page of the book, I tend to think she and Malcolm will be reunited in some form and at some point. May can’t get here soon enough!!! 😉

  25. Do you think it’s possible that Magnus may have seen Emma and Julian in the future at their own wedding?

    1. Interesting theory! It has to be either a future event or something they don’t remember (possibly a memory wipe??), right? But none of these circumstances have appeared in other Shadowhunter books, so I can’t decide which it is or what other possibilities are out there. I can’t wait to get an answer to this, hopefully in Lord of Shadows!!!

  26. Anonymous, I immediately thought Magnus was accidentally peeking into the future to see their own wedding re. Julian and Emma. I don’t think that’s a skill Magnus has revealed he has, but maybe he dreamed the scene, hence his own confusion at the memory.

    I believe the patabatai “curse” is nothing more than a destructive self-fulfilling prophecy. The Clave — possibly for selfsh reasons to limit individual Shadowhunter power — spread the rumor and on the very rare chance parabatai do fall in love they go mad from trying to resist and hurting each other so deeply.

    1. Any current/ex-Twihards who think Magnus is kinda the dude version of Alice Cullen? (I am aware that this is entirely off-topic, but I’m curious.)

  27. I also feel pretty confident that Emma will join the Centurions at the end of Book 2. It would cut her parabatai ties with Julian and I think she might go to protect Ty who also joins.

    1. I like your idea that the parabatai curse might be a self-fulfilling prophecy by The Clave. I have had a similar thought: Maybe they are exaggerating what happens when parabatai fall in love or are even fabricating the negative parts of this bond because they are afraid of the power it bestows on the parabatai. The Clave doesn’t like anything they can’t control, and the combined power of parabatai in love might be greater than any other Shadowhunters and thus is feared by The Clave.

      I like the idea a couple of readers have presented about Emma possibly joining the Centurions. I hadn’t thought of it but like this idea if it will sever her parabatai bond with Julian and also protect Ty (if he also joins this group).

    2. I could be wrong (been awhile since I read the book) but I think if you have a parabatai you can’t join the Centurians at all. I don’t think there is a ritual or something involved, either. I think the Centurians are just, like, the Rangers to the Shadowhunters’ Army, or something.

  28. I was re-reading The Clockwork Prince and I noticed there is a section where Jem is explaining more about the Parabatai bond to Tessa. He explains that the only way to break the bond is for one of them to either become a Downworlder or a mundane. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else discuss that possibility before between Jules and Emma and I can’t remember if it is mentioned at all in Lady Midnight. With all the Blackthorne fairy connections it does seem possible that something like that might happen.

    1. I like the idea that there is some way around the parabatai issue for Julian and Emma, and I think it’s a great idea that Clare will pull on her explanation from a past series (like what Jem mentioned) to eventually sever their bond. I also like the idea posed by a reader above about how becoming a Centurion might also sever their bond. Everyone is coming up with great possibilities!!! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  29. Sarah, In TID Jem ended his parabatai link with Will when he became a Silent Brother, which is neither a downworlder or mundane. Centurions are similarly “outside” regular Shadowhunter categorizatization. Ty states early in LM that Centurians from the Scholomance can’t have parabatai. It’s why he won’t do the ceremony with Livvy. With the massive Centurion presence expected for Book 2 and Emma’s general badassery, my guess is she absolutely joins them. Just my theory.

    1. I love your idea about Emma possibly becoming a Centurion and think it’s a great point you make about Centurions being similarly outside regular Shadowhunter categorization like Silent Brothers. This is something I hadn’t thought of and am excited about the possibility now that you and another reader have pointed out this theory! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  30. So I can’t remember if it was in one of the book 2 teasers or the end of LM, but at some point Ty needs a healing rune and he specifically says, “It would be better if Livvy does it.” I’ve been mulling over that line and now I’m convinved that anyone can be parabatai — with or without the rune ceremony — if there is strong mutual trust/love/friendship/etc. What if the entire parabatai ceremony is one big ruse used by the Clave to control relationships and political ties. What if they KNOW that two people achieiving all three forms of love with each other makes them super strong and they use the parabatai runes to limit — NOT STRENGTHEN — that connection, restraining it to only two forms of love?!? I’m only more convinced of this when I think that most parabatai are female/female or male/male and the Clave was so harshly against homosexuality in TMI. Man, this is a pretty big conspiracy theory. My head just exploded.

    1. I found your point about Ty and Livy very interesting and i think you are right about parabatai because nn the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy-“The Fiery Trial” when Clary and Simon were considering becoming parabatai, Jem said to them: “True parabatai are linked long before the ceremony takes place”

      1. Amanda & Laurissa–These are very interesting theories, especially supported by the book quotes you both mentioned. Clare has been painting The Clave in a very bad light, so I wouldn’t put it past them to deceive everyone in this way! I have always found the parabatai bond to be a very interesting part of Shadowhunter lore. I’m excited to learn more about it in Lord of Shadows! 🙂

  31. Oh, My! Guys, saw this? http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/157782707799/lord-of-shadows-snippet-the-shadows-were I mean, What are they doing? I’m going insane! Lunch? Why are they going out? Romantic hiding place? I really don’t want Emma with Mark. The only thing I don’t really like, is that Emma isnt a bit different from Jace and will. I mean… Well, I really dislike that Jules wasn’t her first. It would have been lovely. Also, It would be nice for her protection rune to fail

    1. I did see the snippet, Annellin! And I’m always just as excited as you seem to be when Clare releases a new snippet, especially when it’s a Jemma scene!!! 🙂 There are a couple other snippets involving the two of them, and they lead me to believe that either Emma’s ruse of a relationship with Mark will be short-lived OR she and Julian just can’t help but be close in spite of relationships with other people. Yes, one of the older snippets led me to believe Julian might have a girlfriend; at the very least, he’s doing something Emma doesn’t like. Did you see that one?

      1. Oh yeah, I saw them! I’m so excited, a few more days and LoS its out! I’m scared, 4 characters we knew will die.

  32. All I think about it’s Diana’s past, and all the mystery around it, there is said that there’s a trans character in TDA, that we know, but we don’t know who he/she is.
    Maybe Diana? I can’t get out of my head something she says in the second chapter.
    “I had someone when I was younger who helped me become who I really am”
    What do you think? Maybe that’s what shes referring to? I literally need LoS right now.

    1. I didn’t remember that passage but did a search in my ebook to find it. That’s a good quote I missed when putting together the hints Clare dropped about the mystery surrounding Diana. I think Clare gave us many clues that something is up with her, but I’m not sure any of them are enough to figure out answers yet. I hope we find out in book 2 instead of having to wait until book 3, which I believe won’t be out until 2019. That’s too long to wait for answers!! 😉

  33. First at all, I’m latin so if my english is really bad my apologies.

    I don’t know why but I think in the possibilities that Julian dies in the second book, but maybe he becomes in something of the downworld and he suprises all in third book. Or he dies in the last book with no chance to back.

    The other thing I was thinking is if one of them die (Julian and Emma) and how we know the conexion they have is really strong they both die… What if they turned back like mundains? Maybe the rest of blackthorns found a way to brink they back or just something mistic pass, but the clave don’t will accept they back like shadowhunters because they broke the law.

    Will be sad because they no will remember their families and friends, but they finally can be together. If the rest of blackthorns know how they love each other they will be happy for them too.

    1. I think the idea that Julian (or Emma) dies in book 2 (or book 3) to sever the parabatai bond is a good possibility. It’s one of the few ways the bond can be broken. And since Lady Midnight ends with someone’s true love being resurrected, that possibility would no doubt be in Emma’s mind if Julian dies (or vice versa). And I’m pretty sure either one of them would go to that length if they lost the other. I can even see Clare possibly ending book 2 like this since she loves to leave us with a cliffhanger.

      Becoming mundanes would mean they could be together but would be separated from everyone else they love and from the only life they know. It would be bittersweet for sure! It’s probably a possibility, but I really hope this isn’t the case.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas, Stephanie! They’re good possibilities! 🙂

    2. I like the Downworlder idea, but what if Julian gets bitten by a werewolf and doesn’t turn (like sterling)? would that be enough to break the Parabatai bond? Julian would still be a Shadowhunter, but not fully one. Maybe he will ask Luke or Maia to bite him?

      at this point, I have read lord of shadows.

      Also, about Cortana breaking the bond, in city of lost souls, Jace cuts off his rune binding him to Sebastian, and the blade was completely normal (I think, it’s been a while since I read it), so Cortana could probably break it temporarily, at least.

      these theories could be super far fetched, but still.

      1. You’re thinking outside the box. I love it! Those are both things that could potentially break the bond. I am leaning toward it being something to do with Cortana. Its powers have been referenced too many times to not be meaningful, IMO.

    1. I didn’t know the answer to this and had to google it! 😉 According to shadowhunters.wikia.com, “Ariadne Blackthorn, who was part of the original set of announced characters in the series, was written off during the writing of City of Heavenly Fire.”

  34. I just had a thought. You know all these theories about Diana being Christina’s mum what if actually they’re sisters. You know the part where Christina talk about her hair and starts say “Di-” I feel like if it was her mother she was talking about she wouldn’t of started to say her full name.

    1. Interesting theory! I don’t feel like I have enough info about Diana to make a logical guess. Clare has given us a few kernels so far, and that’s it! 😉 In Lord of Shadows, I hope she either gives us the full answer or gives us many pieces to the puzzle so we can try to put it together! And that “Di-” is such a tease since she could be starting the name Diana or Diego!!!

  35. Hmmm, good theory. I see a pattern in Cassie’s shadowhunter novels which might help:

    In both TMI and TID there is an impossible obstacle introduced for the main couple (sibling; curse) in the first book. Then in the second book the first obstacle intensifies and a second obstacle is introduced (demon blood/”love triangle”; imminent death/LOVE TRIANGLE). Then all obstacles are resolved through a loophole in the third book.
    This means that the whole parabati thing can somehow be resolved in the third book. Yaayyyyy!

    But also keep in mind that Cassie basically threw the whole “sex in the last book” pattern out the window with TDA so, make of that what you will.

    1. I agree that Clare has established a pattern in her first two series. And it’s a formula that has won over countless readers, so surely she’ll stick to it, right?! (I’m telling myself this because even though I know there will be countless obstacles for Jemma, I really, REALLY want them to work out!) So, for TDA:

      BOOK 1 impossible obstacle = the Clave forbids parabatai to fall in love
      BOOK 2 first obstacle intensifies = even though Emma is trying to push Jules away, they can’t stop loving each other (obviously!) 😉
      BOOK 2 second obstacle = love triangle (because of Emma’s proposal to Mark) or perhaps even love square (See the snippet below where Jules is doing something Emma doesn’t like. Could he be dating someone?)

      But you’re also right that she’s already broke one of her own rules with TDA. I’m glad we’re down to only 5.5 weeks until LofS. We’ll have more answers (and more questions) soon!

  36. We finally have a (partial) answer to the question that has plagued many of us for so long: WHAT WEDDING WAS MAGNUS REFERRING TO that Emma and Jules don’t remember?!?! Cassandra Clare addressed it in this recent Tumblr post:

    Q: I have a question about Lady Midnight, the scene with Magnus at Malcolm’s house, and he is talking about another wedding, but Emma and Julian don’t remember another. Is he referring to the one we know happened between Jem and Tessa? And why don’t they remember it? This has been nagging me for a while. Will we learn why they don’t remember?

    A: Yes, he is referring to Jem and Tessa’s wedding, and we don’t yet know why no one remembers it happening. Except Magnus presumably (and Jem and Tessa!)

    Link: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/160040584514/hello-i-adore-your-books-clockwork-angel-is-what

    And in case you haven’t read the Tumblr post that includes a comic from this wedding, here’s a link to it, too: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/104180943014/london-2009-so-a-year-after-the-events-of-city

    But, as Clare mentioned in her answer above, she hasn’t yet revealed why no one remembers this wedding. So we have an answer…and it leads us to another question! 😉 Maybe we’ll learn the full story in Lord of Shadows, which is getting VERY close!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 🙂

  37. OMG okay so I’ve reread Lady Midnight in preparation for Lord of Shadows and I realised something kinda cooky. So James Herondale had this shadow ability where he could literally become a shadow, what if that makes him the Lord of Shadows?? Then I got thinking, his sister, Lucie Herondale could have married into the Blackthorn family… This would mean that Julian could have some diluted version of this ability and given that he’s on the cover of LoS it kinda makes sense that he would. If Julian’s already part warlock because of his lineage, does this mean he could maybe master the extensive abilities that develop in parabatai that fall in love?? That only means that Emma would have to find some kind of loophole that gives her the power to control those abilities. But wait, at the end of LM she stabs the Black Book and gets a powerful current up her arm. What if that current somehow forged a connection between her and the Black Book’s power, meaning she would have some warlock in her too. This would totally make sense although I believe I just threw all logic out the window there hahaha

    1. You have some very interesting theories! In my opinion, Lord of Shadows HAS to refer to James Herondale in some way because of his shadow ability. And Lucie Herondale marries Jesse Blackthorn according to the family tree Clare put in the back of the Clockwork Princess book. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Jesse Blackthorn, though. I believe he’s presumed dead in one of the Shadowhunter novellas (maybe Nothing but Shadows??). So your theory is plausible. But, if this is the case, I’m surprised Clare hasn’t already hinted about it yet. I haven’t noticed Julian possessing any inkling of the shadow ability.

      Like you, I also wondered about the sensation that Emma felt when she stabbed the Black Book. Was this just to show us the power the book possesses, or did it symbolize something different from/bigger than that? Another interesting theory!

      I can’t believe we get the next piece of this story tomorrow! I’m so excited!!! Thanks for your theories! I enjoyed reading them & can’t wait to see if they come true. 🙂


  39. My heart is in pieces. is dust. im crying. that ending didn’t happened. HOW CAN SHE! AND HOW CAN WE WAYT TWO YEARS? Im broken, someone give me a time machine. I need next volume now

  40. I think the wedding Magnus was talking about was Luke’s and Jocelyn’s

  41. Okay, Emma and Julian struggles aside, what is going to be the “big bad” they’re going to have to face? Is it the Unseelie king wanting to blight all the lands and make Shadowhunters powerless? And I believe that in Lord of Shadows, it’s brought up that the Unseelie king is unhappy with the way things are split in the courts. Does he want to unite the courts under himself and rule, so he can wipe out Shadowhunters? Or is he preparing to wage war against them without the other pieces of fey?

    1. I think both the Cohort and the Unseelie King will be Jemma & gang’s big foes in book 3. I think ultimate power is definitely what the King is after. Since this series is intertwined with TLH like TMI & TID were, I think the King might be someone we meet in TLH.

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