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No spoilers in this rapid review of Seeker by Veronica Rossi. I give it 3.25 stars.

Seeker is a good sequel, yet I didn’t like it as much as Riders. It’s honestly a tough to put a finger on exactly why. I got a little bogged down in the bizarre events that occur when the gang travels to an alternate realm. While there was some action and I understand the group’s mission this time around, it wasn’t quite as exciting as book 1. I always enjoy ‘team assembly mode’ in stories, so it was fun watching Gideon slowly meet the other horsemen and Daryn in Riders. I liked learning the skill set of each rider and watching them begin to function together as a group. Maybe I missed watching their cohesiveness develop.

In the sequel, we find Daryn has spent some time apart from Gideon and the gang. Eventually they’re back together, though, and are racing to correct the things that went terribly wrong at the end of Riders. They have a friend to try to rescue and a bad guy or two to attempt to conquer.

I give it 3.25 stars overall.
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So I mentioned a couple negative aspects above. What about the positives? I always enjoy Rossi’s writing style, and that hasn’t changed. I read very few contemporary novels and found the modern-day elements of this series refreshing. The characters’ strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities (especially Gideon’s and Daryn’s) felt genuine. I enjoyed being in their heads. And I like how the book ended and how Rossi tied up loose ends but left the reader some space to imagine how each character’s future might go.

In some ways, it seems like the aforementioned points should push my rating up closer to 4 stars, but I’m just not feeling it. It took a while to nail down this rating, and in the end I decided not to overthink it and just went with my gut instinct, something that rounds to 3 stars instead of 4.

Yet if you read Riders, I recommend reading the sequel to finish the series out! And if you haven’t started this series yet, I recommend it. Rossi’s take on the four horsemen of the apocalypse is quite interesting, and I especially love the biblical and moral references. Plus, despite the serious subject matter, her characters are often funny and fun. That’s the way Rossi writes!

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Seeker (Riders #2)

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