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We have a special review to share with you! We’d like to tell you about The Adventures of Grit, a children’s book written by our friend Brandon Tatum.

What were your favorite childhood stories that taught important lessons? Of course Aesop’s fables have them and so do more recent classics like The Little Engine That Could. Why do these stories stick with us? They are fun and engaging, sure, but what part do we remember the most? How the constant, steady tortoise beat the fast, lazy hare. And how the small train engine conquered the mountain with “I think I can, I think I can!” These stories’ messages stick with us for years. In fact, in many cases they stay with us our whole lives.

The same is true for Tatum’s message in The Adventures of Grit. Grit and Chicken’s teacher Mrs. Kelsey gives the class an assignment to tackle over summer break: to do something they’ve never done before. What will the buddies choose? Will they take the easy road, or will they challenge themselves with a task that seems impossible? And which path will encourage more growth?

I give it 5 stars overall.
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I love how the main characters’ names are synonymous with the dominant quality they demonstrate. Grit (a squirrel) exhibits grit, that indelible quality that keeps him pushing through the hard stuff of life. And Chicken (you guessed it—a chicken) 😉 exhibits cowardice when faced with tough obstacles.

This book has such a good message for Generation Z kids. Many of them haven’t faced truly tough times and haven’t had to overcome as many obstacles as the generations before them. Will these young people quit when the going gets tough? Or will they learn from Grit and Chicken to clench their teeth, power through, and learn from their hardships?

The Adventures of Grit is a great children’s book! I give it 5 stars and recommend it for kids of all ages. The story is short, but the message is important. And the illustrations are simple, colorful, and cute. Stay tuned for more stories about this pair! 🙂

Would you like to read the advice Brandon Tatum has to offer parents of Generation Z? Check out his excellent blog.

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