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Read a full summary of Ace of Shades, book #1 of Amanda Foody’s The Shadow Game series, right here!  This page is full of spoilers, so beware.  If you are wondering what happened in Ace of Shades, then you are in the right place!

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Amanda Foody

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The Shadow Game Series
#1 Ace of Shades
#2 King of Fools
#3 Queen of Volts

***** Everything below is a SPOILER *****

What happened in Ace of Shades?

Day 1

If I’m not home within two months, I’m dead. That’s the warning Enne’s mother leaves for her before going off to visit friends in New Reynes (aka the City of Sin). It’s been much longer than two months, so our soon-to-be debutante leaves the safety of Bellamy to spend her summer break looking for her mom. She arrives to New Reyes but has no idea how to find Mr. Levi Glaisyer, a friend her mother mentioned in the mysterious letter she sent a month after she left.

Enne interrupts two police officers (Whiteboots) interrogating a boy to ask for help, but as soon as she mentions she’s looking for Lourdes Alfero, the men forget the boy and turn on her instead. The boy offers to take her to Mr. Glaisyer if she can outrun the police, so she ditches her belongings to follow the criminal.

Now all Enne has left is her guidebook, a purse full of money (volts) meant to last through the summer, and the token mother gave her when she was a child. It’s two inches long and gilded, with an old Faith symbol of an eye etched on one side and a cameo of a past queen on the other. She’s not sure what it is, but it’s comforting to have. It’s like a security blanket of sorts, that and her mother’s rules which she repeats to herself as she follows this stranger.

While Enne is waiting back at Olde Town, we find out Mr. Levi Glaisyer is actually a 17-year-old punk in charge of a gang called the Irons. We also find out he’s been running a scam where he promises an investment with outrageous returns. One man invests, then another, then another. Then when their deadline rolls around, he pays them back with the volts from the newest investor and pockets a bit himself.

It just keeps going and going, all until he runs out of investors and has no way of paying them back. He’s getting pretty close to that point. He just paid off the Whiteboots’ captain and has one last investor: Sedric Torren, the baddest of them all. And he’s figured out Levi’s scam. Levi owes him the biggest debt of all: 10,000 volts. He needs money fast if he doesn’t want to die.

With this new piece of information, Levi leaves, cursing his rotten lot, his employer who got him into this scam, and the life he’s been trapped in. To make matters worse, he goes home to find a girl demanding he help her. Their first meeting is not off to a great start, but he needs money and she needs her mom, so they make a deal: 10,000 volts if he helps her find her mom, with a 1,000 volt guarantee at the end of the night. Levi’s sure Lourdes is dead, but he needs money, so he keeps his mouth shut and agrees to help.

Enne finds out her mom was actually a Mizer sympmathizer and one of the anonymous journalists who wrote for the monarchist papers. Levi is helping her because he owed Lourdes a big favor after she saved him from a con gone wrong and got him a steady job at St. Morse, one of the two biggest casinos in the city.

They go to meet Raymond Kitamura, leader of the Scarhands gang (aka the Scar Lord) who remembers Loudres and pen name: Sénace. Apparently she frequented a cabaret, the Sauterelle, but he doesn’t think that information will be of much use because he thinks she’s dead. This is one too many big reveals for Enne, who is starting to understand why her mom always seemed to have some secrets. She has a bit of a breakdown, so Levi promises he’ll help her find her mom for real.

Since she lost most of her belongings, Enne needs a job if she’s going to survive a whole summer in New Reynes. Levi takes her to meet his boss, Vianca Augustine. We find out Enne’s hiding a secret of her own: She’d snuck into her mom’s office and discovered bank statements claiming they owned millions of volts. Enne has no idea where they are or how to get to them. But she figures once they find Lourdes, she can pay Levi the volts promised him.

Enne meets Vianca Augustine. She doesn’t need any dancers or counters, but Levi lies and says she’s an acrobat, too. Vianca then kicks him out to interrogate Enne for herself. She must pass the test because she offers her a job in exchange for a favor—delivering a message to her enemies. Enne readily agrees because she’ll do anything to find her mom.

The old lady uses an omerta—a special oath that renders Enne helpless and nearly suffocates her. She’s now under Vianca’s control and must do whatever she wants. Her first order of business is to deliver a temporary poison to Sedric Torren that will harm but not kill him. Enne’s given the poison but no further instruction. She’s also granted one of the hotel rooms at St. Morse from her new benefactress. The omerta prevents her from telling Levi anything, so she’s pretty much on her own.

Now that he’s gotten his new charge settled, Levi goes to work. Sedric delivers a warning and a Shadow Card, a card with a metallic back that’s signature to the Shadow Game. The Shadow Game is the rumored execution game of the Phoenix Club and is a North Side legend as notorious as the Great Street War or the original lords. Levi thought it was just a story until now.

The card displays The Tower, which represents chaos and ruin. This is just a warning. As soon as he touches it, he has a vision of a long hallway filled with black and white doors. He realizes he can’t open the black doors; those belong to someone else. The first white door he opens shows his grave and all the corpses of his friends. He goes back to try another door but can’t find the right one.

He wakes up and realizes he has 10 days to get 10,000 volts if he wants to live.

While Levi was having his vision, Torren runs into Enne, who was apparently chosen because she looks like a little girl and is just his type. She poisons him without remorse because he’s a monster of a man, but not before she learns an omerta is an unbreakable oath.

Levi comes to collect his money. The omerta allows her to subtly allude to Vianca’s blood talent, and Levi pieces together that she’s the lucky winner of the omerta lottery. He’s surprised because Vianca can only give out three at a time. He never thought Enne would be in danger or he never would have brought her.

Enne realizes Levi has one too, and they bond because they’re both trapped. Apparently the omerta can only break if Vianca dies, so Enne’s hopes of returning home by the end of the summer are dead. Levi promises to help her for real because he feels guilty for getting her trapped.

Day 2

Enne has a dream where she’s in an impossibly long hallway. The tiled floor, the alternating doors, and the stone columns all repeat the same pattern of black and white. The white doors are locked, but she can open the black doors. The first door is a memory of the last time she saw Lourdes, but the dream deviates from the memory. This time, Enne begs Lourdes not to go and demands to know the reasons behind all her secrets. But she’s magically pushed out of the room back into the hallway before she can get any answers and wakes up. 

We find out that Levi’s been stealing from his gang to pay off Vianca’s debts from the scam. She’s been pocketing the money, and he’s left out to dry. There’s been dissension among the Irons since he hasn’t been able to feed them like he used to. His third, Chez, has been especially suspicious lately.

Enne has her first day at work, and people are not too friendly. The goal is literally not to break a leg, but it turns out she’s surprisingly good at acrobatics. So good, in fact, that her new coworker suggests she might have been lied to about who her father is. Enne’s insulted but also thinks it makes sense since she was never any good at math.

Levi, Jac, Enne, and Reymond all go to the Sauterelle to try to get more info on Lourdes. They split up to try to cover more ground, with Reymond chaperoning for Enne.

Reymond leaves Enne with a dancer for a minute, and she manages to find the seediest guy there, Harvey Gabbino. He says he works for the Orphan Guild and gives her the card for a blood gazer in case she wants to confirm her true blood/split talents. Reymond comes stomping over to save her and says Harvey is a Chainer, one of the families that have a talent for binding people in debt to them within a certain area.

Reymond threatens to get Enne if she causes Levi any trouble because he believes Levi is better than the rest of them.

As a side note, we learn that Vianca and her son Harrison are the only two Augustine left, but rumor has it he despises her and lives somewhere else.

Day 3

Levi and Enne search for an address he got last night. On the way, they have an argument about the blood gazer. Enne is starting to suspect she might have an acrobatics talent. Levi’s skeptical, but she wants to know the truth because she was noticed by someone for her acrobatic talents. He doesn’t want her messing with anyone related to Harvey and promises to take her to a legit one instead.

They find The Wayward Inn, where Lourdes was staying. According to the innkeeper, Lourdes kept to herself and didn’t say much. She left five days ago, leaving only one thing behind: a Shadow Card. It’s The Hermit, a representation of isolation and knowledge.

Levi knows he has to tell Enne the truth about the game and maybe even his own troubles. She pretends to be tired and emotional and asks to talk tomorrow. In reality, she sneaks off with his gun in search of more answers. Levi realizes she went to find the blood gazer and takes Jac with him to find her.

Enne goes to some sketchy place where she has to give up her gun to be seen by the Dove blood gazer, Lola. Lola freaks out because according to her blood, Enne’s a Mizer. She tries to kill her, claiming a person she loves lives in the city and can’t afford another street war when Enne’s real identity is revealed.

They fight, and Enne somehow gets the upper hand against the supposed assassin. She pins Lola down and forces her to explain her talents. Her full name is Enne Dondelair Scordata. The Dondelairs were considered one of the most renowned families of acrobatics before they died. She’s Mizer and a Dondelair, and either is worthy of execution. Lola doesn’t know much about the Scordatas since they’re not one of the royal bloodlines of New Reynes, but she said it comes from Enne’s father, who’s not a mathematician after all.

Enne is torn because she doesn’t want to kill Lola but also can’t leave someone who knows her secret alive. Fearing for her life, Lola swears to her. Apparently there’s power in an oath, and she won’t be able to tell someone even if she wanted to. She also admits she’s a fake Dove. Jac and Levi come barging in to rescue Enne, only to find her with a subdued Dove. They’re impressed and confused. Levi takes his gun back, and Enne promises to tell him everything tomorrow.

Day 4

Jac runs to Levi because the Scarhands and Torren’s men are fighting. They rush to the scene and find chaos. Levi runs into a burning building when he realizes someone is trapped inside. He realizes it’s Reymond and is about to free him when he’s grabbed from behind. Some man puts a Shadow Card in his hand, and he goes back to the magic hallway.

Levi relives a memory of his 11-year-old self standing by his mother’s sick bed. He leaves to find his dad, who’s making an orb and muttering about kings. Levi doesn’t like orb making because he can hear the auras of those who had made the volts and the anguish of their murders. He goes back to the hallway and can hear two female voices—one older, one younger—arguing from behind a black door. He feels bad for eavesdropping because the black doors didn’t belong to him.

Levi wakes up in the street. Jac tells him Reymond died since the Scarhands oaths broke. Jonas, Reymond’s second, will become the new Scar Lord. He doesn’t like Levi at all, so that’s the end of their working relationship.

Sad and angry, Levi goes to confront Vianca about Reymond’s death and the mess her scam has gotten him and Enne into. Apparently she’s been wasting all the money from the investment scheme campaigning for a hopeless election that’s rigged against her. Levi shows her his Shadow Cards, which freaks her out, so she agrees to pay him 5,000 volts.

Enne and Levi meet up. She tells him everything, including the truth about her identity. He tells her about Reymond’s death and is sad. He realizes Lola swore a street oath to Enne, so she’s technically gang lord now. Levi gives her a quick Street Oaths for Dummies lessons: Oaths aren’t unbreakable, but there are all sorts of rules about challenging lords and loyalty.

Oaths also get weaker when you don’t see each other, so she should keep her enemies close. He also advises her to make use of Lola’s talents as a blood gazer to find out what she knows about families/talents and see if any information about her real parents leads her back to Lourdes.

They flirt and bond, and then it’s confession time. Levi tells her about the Shadow Game and its cards, but he doesn’t tell her he has two of his own.

“It’s called a Shadow Card. During the Revolution and through the Great Street War, the Phoenix Club was famous for playing something called the Shadow Game. It’s a card game where the invited players are…killed. The cards all symbolize different things. Only one card is used for the actual invitation: the Fool.”

Apparently Enne’s Mizer eyes aren’t purple because her talent for making volts hasn’t been triggered yet, which is good because then she’d be in even more danger. They have another moment. Then he promises to protect her no matter what and gives her a spare key to his room to use whenever for whatever. 

Day 5

Enne accidentally tells Jac everything because she likes to talk to people behind closed bathroom doors and thought he was Levi, so now four people know her secret. They force Lola to help them get more information and go to the library for research.

All the Scordata records have been destroyed, but luckily the Dondelairs’ haven’t. They discover Gabrielle Dondelair died the day after Enne’s birthday. All the other Dondelairs were dead well before that, so it’s obvious who her real mother was. They can’t find any records of Lourdes based on her name. They assume she used her talent as a protector to swear her protection to Enne, providing a seal of magic to keep her secrets safer. By doing so, Lourdes had surrendered her ability to protect herself. She could never act in her own interest—only Enne’s.

They look Gabrielle up in old newspapers and find out her original execution was postponed due to health reasons. The gang reads between the lines to piece together the real story: They discovered Gabrielle was pregnant. Some blood gazer at the birth saw what Enne was. They issued a public apology, saying the execution was going to be private. Back during the Great Street War, that used to mean the Phoenix Club wanted in on it. They wanted to kill Gabrielle themselves.

Enne’s real mother went to the Shadow Game. Records say she died of a gunshot wound, which means she either escaped the Game or she won. There’s one more big discovery for the day because Lola is a wealth of information: Apparently the coin Enne’s been holding all this time is a Royal Bank key. The Royal Bank is the oldest bank in town, and the girls make plans to visit the next day.

Day 6

The boys do some male bonding, and Jac warns Levi not to be too reckless by trying to pay off his debt and pay the Irons. He also warns Levi not to get involved with Enne because she’s bad news. Jac runs off to find Chez, who suddenly appears from the shadows to challenge Levi to attempt to topple the lord from his seat in a knives-only duel to the death. Levi is about to lose when Jac intervenes and passes out instead of dying.

Meanwhile, Enne has another dream in the magic hallway. She opens a black door that reveals a memory from childhood: Lourdes comforting her as a toddler until she falls asleep. Enne goes to another black door and finds the memory when she snuck into Lourdes’ office and discovered a bank account with more than 200,000,000 volts and an address she’s never seen before: 1089 Virtue Street, New Reynes. She goes through one more door and is suddenly wearing a scandalous New Reynes dancer costume and has an inappropriate dream that is supposed to be very liberating.

Enne and Lola go to the bank and find out the coin is a key that gives her access to an account. They find an empty vault with a small orb made out of black glass with golden sparks glowing faintly inside. It’s not real because volts are white. Enne spies a hidden box and picks the lock to reveal a bronze coin with a king’s face instead of a queen’s. It’s not a key, just a coin. 

They talk to the bank lady and find out there’s one more name and address listed on the account: Lourdes Orefla (Alfero backwards).

Since Levi’s not dead, he goes to watch Enne’s show after his shift. They exchange stories about their day and have another moment when suddenly he can sense her aura. It smells like Gambler’s Ruin, his favorite drink, and is now the record holder for shortest amount of time Levi’s spent with someone before he was able to sense his/her aura.

Day 7

Enne and Levi go to meet Zula, who lives in the religious part of town deep into Iron Territory. She claims she’s Lourdes’s only friend and, though she shares some political connections with Vianca, is not friends with that crazy lady. Zula’s talent allows her to see shades: curses, secrets, regrets, passions, sacrifices, and desires. They’re like shadows that cling to everyone. Because of this, she knows they’re both under Vianca’s omerta. She also knows they share a curse and can see the magic hallway. Apparently it’s a shade that binds them both.

Since Zula’s so smart, Enne decides to show her the coin from the bank to see if she knows what it is. She freaks out and chastises Enne for taking it out from the safety of the bank. She won’t say anything other than, “It’s a tragedy. Countless people died because of what it is. I won’t divulge its secret.” She tells them to take it back where it belongs. Levi says the black orb actually feels alive. Normally he can just sense traces of Mizer auras from regular orbs.

That’s when Zula drops a major truth bomb. Lourdes had been running from the Phoenix Club, but the House of Shadows opened eight days ago. Apparently, the Shadow Game is a game of death, and the players bet their lives. The black orbs hold life energy. They are deadly poker chips.

Gabrielle is the only player who survived the Shadow Game. Zula doesn’t know the details, but she’s guessing she played betting Enne’s life instead of her own. She also says she knows who Enne’s birth father is but won’t tell her because his identity is sealed by a Protector. He might not be dead. It’s hard to tell for sure from what Zula says.

Zula warns Enne to keep her secret identity from Vianca no matter what and, even more importantly, to stay away from the House of Shadows. She says she’ll find them again if she needs to and leaves them with one last thought: This story will end badly.

Day 8

Lola offers to go with Enne to the Scrap Market to look for clues in Lourdes’s old newspaper articles. Enne is still in denial, so she plays along and doesn’t invite Levi. After buying a newspaper, they’re suddenly interrupted by a Whiteboot raid. They run into some Scar children and decide to save them. Enne realizes she can’t use her gun because Lola took the bullets out the day they met and never gave them back.

They all manage to escape, and Lola gives Enne a street name, Séance, which she tells the little Scar children. Enne is sad when she realizes they were scammed—the paper looks as if somehow had submerged it in water—so Lola shares her story. She wants Enne to become a street lord and use her power to help Lola find her brother. Enne tells her Lourdes is dead and that the search is over. They are sad.

Meanwhile, the boys go to a gambling den to try to win back some money. Levi runs into Jonasty, the new Scar Lord, at his table. During the game, the dealer sneaks him another Shadow Card, and Levi goes to the dream world once again. He opens a door and sees the present. Jac is in the boxing pit, fighting for money (against Levi’s orders) and is about to be killed by the man who’d given Levi his second Shadow Card.

It’s a glimpse into the very near future. Levi realizes he needs to get out of the dream to save his buddy, so he kills himself to get back to real life, where he realizes Jonas stole all his money while he was knocked out. He goes to save Jac and uses his orb-making talents to start a fire. Before he has a chance to do more, Jonas kills the man in exchange for a future favor from the Iron Lord and as a thank you because Levi saved Reymond.

Levi takes Jac back to his place and tends to his wounds. It’s a wasted night at a time they can’t afford one, but at least they’re alive. Levi decides to scam Torren’s casino, Lackluster, by counting cards on his own. He mixes a solution of blue dye, tonic water, a clear galvanizer, and glass to make contacts and keeps the extra tonic water solution.

Day 9

Vianca summons Enne and tells her to kill Torren in order to save Levi. Enne would have done so even without the omerta because she has strong feelings for him. Vianca insists she knows nothing about Enne’s plan since she’ll be the prime suspect and doesn’t want anything that will be traced back to her or St. Morse.

The only weapon Enne can find is Levi’s empty gun, so she goes to Lola to get the bullets back. Lola also gives her a poison that kills instantly and a mask that only covers part of her face. They steal a car and drive to Lackluster.

Meanwhile, Levi is in the casino trying to win some money. He made contacts out of volt glass, which helps him see the otherwise invisible marks he leaves on the back of the cards using his tonic water solution. It hurts like crazy, but death hurts more. Levi earns enough money to pay off Torren, but of course, he’s on a winning streak and feeling good. Plus, he has time to kill, so he decides to play some more. His cheating contacts make him cocky, and he makes a fatal mistake. He loses it all and is going to die.

Sedric approaches him, making small talk, revealing his evil plan. It’s not about the money. They just want to play the Shadow Game. He’s been trying to kiss up to the old money. They’ve been bored, so he offered them Levi in exchange for a favor. He hands him the Fool card and says he has two hours.

Since he has two hours left to live, Levi decides to hide in an alley and cry for a good part of it. He somehow runs into Chez and insists on a proper challenge, a fight to the death. He uses his orb-making abilities to burn shackle-like scars onto Chez’s wrists. Chez is very upset and pulls out a gun to shoot him. Levi burns Chez’s upper half in an act of self-preservation and leaves him to die or be discovered by someone else.

Levi runs into Lola, who tells them about Enne’s new assignment, but he’s too late to stop her because she just went inside. Enne gets drugged by Sedric and is about to pass out when she sees a silver card with a man in a jester’s hat slipped into her hand.

Levi runs after Enne but gets hit from behind and is brought House of Shadows. He’s woken up and beaten. He enters the game room, which has black-and-silver striped walls and some shriveled up people. Levi sees Chancellor Malcolm Semper and Senator Josephine Fenice are there. He doesn’t recognize anyone else.

Outside, Enne wakes up alone and empties the gun in Sedric’s suit jacket. He takes her to the House of Shadows. He knows she poisoned him at St. Morse and is out for revenge. While he’s grandstanding, she stabs him in the eye with her high heel and pours the poisons in his leg wound. She puts on her mask and heads into the House of Shadows. Apparently the greeter and man who beat up Levi is the Whiteboot she met on her first day in the city. Since he recognizes her, she shoots and kills him.

As soon as she walks into the room, some kind of force (like the omerta) controls her movements. She can’t use the gun in the room and is pretty much helpless. In an effort to protect her identity, she gives them her street name and pretends she doesn’t know Levi. Torren recommended they have Enne play using Levi’s life as a bet since he’s good with cards. The clock strikes midnight, and the games begin.

Day 10

“The rules are not that complicated. Eleven players and twenty-two kinds of Shadow Cards. In the beginning, every player will start out with two.”

There are ten decks of Shadow Cards within the large one, which means there are ten of each kind of card. Each round, the players wishing to compete for that round’s card will place one orb in the center. The objective is to collect all twenty-two Shadow Cards.

“The orbs are empty after they’re bet, so if you bet all of the orbs, Levi will die. The Game will last three hours. If you have failed to collect the twenty-two Shadow Cards by that time, the orbs will deactivate, and he will also die.”

Levi fills 50 black orbs with his life energy and quite literally puts his life in Enne’s hands. Semper starts the game.

“Each round, he would deal as many regular cards as there were bets. Eight cards for eight players betting, for example. From there, the players competed for the cards up for grabs that round. Everyone played one card per trick until they ran out, and the highest card of the trick collected the others. Whoever ended with the smallest number of spades won the round in the Shadow Card. Ties were decided by dice. The Shadow Cards, once the Game begins, develop divination properties. When they touch your skin, you’ll see a flash of your life according to the card. What has already happened, or perhaps what could have happened, had you made different choices. To remind players of the stakes.”

As soon as she touches the first Shadow Cards, Enne sees her old home and a vision of her entrance into society after graduation. The Moon gave her the memory of her home. The Chariot was the second card. She has more visions: a suggestive one of her and Levi (the Lovers), a memory of her stabbing the syringe into Sedric’s leg (the Wheel of Fortune), and a future where she’s collapsed in Vianca’s office, the donna watching apathetically as the omerta draws out her last breath (the Death).

Enne is not very good at this game. Time is running out, and so are Levi’s life orbs.

When she touches the World, Enne is overcome with a sudden pain that starts from her heart and goes all over her body. When she tries to determine the pain’s source, she has the feeling that there was another presence inside her. It’s like a silhouette lurking inside the edges of her mind, something that hadn’t been there before. The room also changes.

“There were threads everywhere. They weren’t something she could feel or see in a literal sense, but something that she still understood was there. They hummed against the Shadow Cards, against the black orbs, against the timer, and they circled around each of the players’ wrists, binding them—all of them but her. Even though the threads weren’t connected, they all felt as though they were part of the same fabric: different strings of the same piano. And the Game, she realized, was the song.”

She and Semper are the only ones left with orbs to bet, but time is running out. At the literal last minute, the presence in her mind—the one she’d imagined—feels larger and more imposing. All the threads in the room hum. She only has losing cards. The seconds are counting down to Levi’s death. The presence in her mind keeps insisting Stop the song.

The song of the Game starts to sound wrong—like notes are skipping. Somehow the Game is different and the rules are broken. With ten seconds left, she’s able pull out her gun and shoot the timer. Levi grabs the gun from her as Semper attempts to win the Game and kills him “for Lourdes.” Ennes loves him for that.

Levi threatens the rest of the shriveled up people and realizes Enne’s aura changed even though auras aren’t supposed to change. He gets the rest of the black orbs and returns his life energy into his body. They run away. Apparently Enne’s eyes are purple, but Levi doesn’t think anyone else in the room noticed.

They hide and call Vianca’s private line, asking her to rescue them and find Lola, and they use Levi’s contacts to hide Enne’s eyes. They don’t kiss because she’d poisoned the most powerful don of the North Side. She recites street rules to herself. She’s the don of a notorious arsonist, raised by a woman who’d lived a life within the shadows. She’s a Mizer and impossible.

How did Ace of Shades end?

Instead of kissing, they exchange shorten versions of their days while waiting for a getaway car. After it arrives, they’re smuggled up to Vianca’s private suite since the place is crawling with Whiteboots. The police are looking for them. Levi and Enne stick with their cover story and tell Vianca that Levi played and won.

There are rumors all over the city Séance killed Torren and the Chancellor, so Séance is now the most notorious criminal New Reynes has had in years. Vianca is even more intrigued by Enne than before, but whatever plans she has for her will have to wait another day because she wants to talk to her pet, Levi. Since he didn’t have the benefit of a mask and a pseudonym, he’ll be staying with Zula Slyk until things die down. Vianca is in a good mood because Sedric’s death means the monarchist party actually has a chance in the upcoming election.

Enne, Levi, Lola, and Jac spend the night together hiding from the po-po in Enne’s room. Enne keeps looking at the tragic bronze coin and claims his eye is purple. No one else can see it.


A man wakes up in the middle of the night to a phone call. A woman tells him everything that’s happened in New Reynes. Harrison Augustine will return home to burn his mother’s empire down and meet the lady on the phone at the House of Shadows.

There you go! That’s what happened in Ace of Shades. We hope you enjoyed this Ace of Shades summary with spoilers.

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