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Read a full summary of The Silver Mask right here! This page is full of spoilers, so beware! If you need a refresher on what happened in The Silver Mask, then you are in the right place!

Holly Black
Cassandra Clare

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The Magisterium Series
#1 The Iron Trial
#2 The Copper Gauntlet
#3 The Bronze Key
#4 The Silver Mask
#5 The Golden Tower

Point of View
The book is written in third person from Call’s point of view.

Unlike the previous 3 books, The Silver Mask does not take place at the Magisterium.  The majority of the book is spent at Master Joseph’s estate.

Main Characters
Callum Hunt: The main character; he is a maker (user of chaos magic)
Aaron Stewart: Call’s best friend who died in book 3
Tamara Rajavi: Call’s other close friend who saved him over Aaron in book 3
Jasper DeWinter: Call’s “frenemy” who once again gets dragged into a dangerous plot
Master Joseph: The Enemy of Death’s old master; he wants Call to bring back the dead
Alex Strike: A student who leaves the Magisterium to help Master Joseph
Anastasia Tarquin: Alex’s stepmother; an assembly member; the Enemy of Death’s mother

***** Everything below is a SPOILER *****

What happens in The Silver Mask?

The book begins with Call locked away in the Panoptico, the magical prison. He hasn’t received a single visitor over the past six months…not his friends or even his father. The entire magical community thinks he’s the Enemy of Death reborn.

Assembly members interrogate Call every day in an isolated room. The questions only confuse him, and his interrogators accuse him of lying.

Finally, Call is permitted to meet with Master Rufus, his old Magisterium professor who says he understands keeping secrets. Then Master Rufus leaves Call to the guards. Call goes to his cell, where his father is waiting. His father was only just allowed to see him. He assures Call the Assembly won’t kill him, and they don’t really think he’s responsible for Aaron’s death. They are simply afraid of him.

The next day Call receives another visitor. Jasper says he’s come to see Call because he broke up with Celia and needs someone to talk to, someone who won’t—can’t—run away.  But Jasper doesn’t get the chance to speak his thoughts because the Panopticon is on fire.

It turns out Tamara has worked with Anastasia Tarquin to formulate an escape plan for Call.  Tamara’s sister Ravan, a devoured fire elemental, is the cause of the fire. Anastasia throws Call and Jasper into a van that Tamara is driving. To Call’s delight, his wolf Havoc is there as well.

The group stops briefly at Anastasia’s house, where Master Joseph, Constantine Madden’s old master, is waiting. Alex Strike, the boy who killed Aaron and now has chaos magic, is with him. They force Call, Tamara, and Jasper to travel to the Enemy of Death’s old stronghold.

Soon after arriving, the three try to escape but are returned to the large manor and Master Joseph. There will be no escaping. Master Joseph informs Call he wants him to bring Aaron back. At first, Call is mortified. But what if he could bring his friend back? It would change everything!

Eventually, Call agrees to bring Aaron back. Master Joseph says he will train Jasper and Tamara in what they’re missing being away from the Magisterium.

Call later finds the journal of Jericho, Constantine’s brother. He learns that the Enemy of Death chipped away from his own brother’s soul to experiment with bringing back the dead. Call would never do something like that. But what if he gave Aaron a piece of his own soul?

Call soon comes across an entire cave of chaos ridden…chaos ridden that he can control.  Tamara and Jasper say they should escape that night and warn the Assembly about Master Joseph, allowing Call to clear his name. But Call can’t leave Aaron. That night he does the unthinkable. He gives Aaron a piece of his own soul. It actually works! Aaron is back! Or is he?

Call finds out almost immediately that Aaron is not himself. Call hopes the ill effects will wear off, but they never do.

Tamara sees that Aaron is back, and for the first time she realizes that Call is the Enemy of Death. She doubts Aaron will ever truly be himself again.

At night, Tamara and Jasper run without Call. They’ve used Ravan’s elemental power to their advantage.

Call is horrified that he’s been left behind, but Master Joseph finds him and won’t let him escape. Anastasia summons her own elemental to bring Jasper and Tamara back. Then Master Joseph reveals his true motives. He wants Call to raise his son, Drew. Call knows he can’t lose another piece of his soul.

Call realizes then that Aaron, like a chaos ridden, obeys his commands. Tamara was right. Is Aaron truly back from the dead? But Call doesn’t have time to think because he finds that Tamara and Jasper reached the Magisterium and now the mages surround the Enemy of Death’s stronghold. It’s battle time, but which side will Call take?

How did The Silver Mask end?

Call admits to the mages that he is the Enemy of Death reborn. Then Havoc helps Call and Aaron escape from Master Joseph. Call finds Alex, and they try to restore Aaron to his original self.

Then Master Joseph finds them. Master Joseph grabs Aaron, but to Call’s surprise and terror, Aaron lashes out and kills Constantine’s old master. Master Joseph is dead.

Call and Aaron then try to flee the stronghold, but Alex’s own chaos ridden surround them. Call reaches for chaos magic. He’s too weak and blacks out, only to find himself tied up in Master Joseph’s parlor. Alex is there, claiming to be the new Enemy of Death.

The Assembly wants to meet with Call, and he goes to speak with Tamara and the Assembly members. The Assembly wants Call to destroy Alex’s army and himself.

Call, betrayed, goes back to Alex and agrees to head his army. But just like in the Iron Trial, he’s trying to lose. Call commands his chaos army to dance. Alex is furious and points the Alkahest at Call. Havoc lunges at Alex, saving Call from the beam that would have been his death.

Call uses his anger to fuel his chaos magic. He traps Alex in the void and then collapses from lack of strength. Aaron gives Call back the piece of his soul, then dies…again. However, Call is no longer dying.

Call finds himself surrounded by familiar faces: Tamara, Master Rufus, and even Havoc, who is alive and no longer chaos ridden. The book ends with Aaron’s voice in Call’s mind, saying he’s really back this time.

The epilogue finished off the fourth book with Alex, a devoured of chaos, wearing the mask of the Enemy of Death and riding Automotones in front of an army of elementals.

There you go! That’s what happened in The Silver Mask, the fourth book in the Magisterium series!

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