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We live in unprecedented times. What the world is facing with the coronavirus has challenged our health, changed our schedules, and (unfortunately) wore on our patience at times. We hope you have been holding up well and have remained healthy during this time of social distancing. Thank goodness for books, right?!

Are you needing some clean reads suggestions while you’re sequestered at home? We’re excited to announce we’ve added new titles to both of our clean teen lists. See the latest additions to the original, editor-generated Clean Teen Page below in this email. And find the newest twenty-nine additions to our User-Recommended Clean Teen Page at the bottom of that page, just above our Classic Novels section.

We continue to be amazed at and thankful for the overwhelming response from our readers! We plan to keep adding to the original list of books we (as website editors) recommend as well as those YOU recommend. So if you’ve been reading to pass the many hours at home, we would love to hear the latest clean reads you’ve found! 

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Ashlords by Scott Reintgen

This is the first of Scott Reintgen’s book I’ve read, and it won’t be my last. He has a fresh, straightforward style that I appreciate, and both his plot and characters were intriguing.

Ashlords follows three teens preparing to ride in The Races, an annual event that pits different cultures within the empire against each other in an attempt to replace warfare. Entrants participate in a multi-day event riding phoenix horses, which, as the name suggests, combust each night and then rise from the ashes the next morning. The three riders featured in the book are from very different backgrounds and have diverse goals for…read more

Also see our exclusive interview with the Author, Scott Reintgen!

New to Our List

Maybe you haven’t visited our clean YA page in a while. We’ve added a few new titles we want to let you know about.

*Our site contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

Read our first chapters!

In our last newsletter, we hinted that we planned to pass our stories along to our readers, specifically those of you who are interested in clean YA fiction. Well, the time has come for a preview of our upcoming books. Read excerpts from Sara’s This Dreamer and Stacy’s Fulfilled, and then PLEASE let us know what you think in the comments! Your input might just help us land an agent.

Did you know a new Hunger Games book is coming out in May?!

hunger games prequel

We are SO EXCITED Suzanne Collins is releasing a new title set in the Hunger Games universe! The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will be published on May 19th and is set long before the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy. According to the official synopsis, we will learn about Coriolanus Snow’s background long before he dreamed of being president. He’s been chosen as a mentor in the 10th annual Hunger Games and is given an assignment he believes is beneath him. It will be interesting to learn about his younger years and discover what shaped him into the man we loathed when Katniss faced off against him. Will we gain sympathy for him as we read his background story?

Read the official synopsis…
More information and news…
Hunger Games recaps…

Parent Corner:

Everyone who lands on our new page is in search of the same thing: clean reads. While some of our readers are teens, we know some are parents searching for great books for their young readers. We want to provide a special segment in this newsletter where we can talk directly to parents. 

Parenting in the digital age is hard, right? Well, David Kinnaman—author of popular books like unChristian and You Lost Me—recently published a timely book about this very topic. In Faith for Exiles, Kinnaman likens current American culture to what Daniel and his friends faced in the Old Testament, calling our society “Digital Babylon.” He uses data from the latest studies to explore five factors that have helped young adult Christians retain a resilient faith in the challenging modern environment.

Search Engine Suggestion:

The literate mother

Instead of perusing a list of clean books, do you need to check on a specific title instead? We want to provide you with links to some of our most valuable resources. This time, we suggest The Literate Mother rating guide. If you can’t find a specific book on our list or on CommonSenseMedia.org, we suggest searching this database.

Thanks again for your valuable suggestions. 

Until next time,
~ Sara and Stacy

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