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***Opportunity for published authors:

Did you know that publishers (even big publishers!) and indie authors reach out to us and request recaps of their books so that when the next book in their series is about to come out, they can share it with their followers? It’s a great way to support your reader and create excitement the week a new book is about to hit the shelves.

Sadly, there are only so many hours a day, and we cannot read every book out there. (Though we want to!) This is why we allow authors to submit recaps of their own books. There is no charge to do this. Simply contact us on our contributor page, and we’ll get back to you. All you have to do is provide the text, and we’ll set up the webpage. It’s up to you whether or not we nod to you as the recap provider, but we can include links to your website and social media if you like, and we always provide a direct link to Amazon so readers can click right to your checkout page.

And since Book Series Recaps hosts an average of 60,000 unique visitors a month, this is a massive opportunity for you to gain more exposure for your book!