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new clean young adult books

New Clean Young Adult Books 2023

Hello again! And a warm welcome to all our new subscribers. (There are a lot ...
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Clean books for the holidays

Clean books for the holidays – Clean reads newsletter

Hello again! We’re excited to share more of our clean book finds with you! Since ...
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bringing back the classics

Bringing Back The Classics

There have been many attempts to define what constitutes a Classic…..Whilst some hold the Western ...
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ya book recs 2022

BSR Newsletter – YA book recs 2022 – Summer

Hi there! We hope you've had plenty of time to read a few fabulous books ...
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Authors of clean books

Exclusive interview with Clean YA Authors Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella

Interview conducted by Book Series Recaps editor and YA author, Sara Watterson. Join me as ...
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clean teen books

Clean YA books for teens, tweens, or anyone

There is a particular conversation that keeps cropping up between Stacy and me (the editors ...
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Newsletter – Clean books for back-to-school – Fall 2022

Hello again! We’re so excited to share some of our recent clean book finds with ...
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what is booktok

BookTok: The Best Place to Find Your Next Read

By guest contributor, Jen Baker BookTok is revolutionizing how book nerds are interacting on the ...
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what is kindle vella

What is Kindle Vella?

If you're an avid reader, as many of us on Book Series Recaps are, you ...
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clean book for teen boys

Clean Books for boys: teens, tweens, or anyone

This page is an extension of our popular page called "Clean YA books for teens, ...
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clean teen books

Clean Teen Books: Reader-Recommended

We're thrilled about the buzz generated by our clean teen books post! Thank you for ...
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An excerpt from This Dreamer

Hello! My name is Sara Watterson, and I'm one of the editors here at Book ...
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newsletter fall 2021

BSR Fall/Winter 2021 Newsletter

Hi there! We hope you've had plenty of time to curl up with a few ...
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gifts for book lovers

Gifts for book lovers – gift ideas for people who like to read

Are you looking for great gift ideas for the book lover in your life? Um, ...
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interview with author nadine brandes

Exclusive interview with author, Nadine Brandes

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nadine Brandes, author of Romanov, Fawkes, and the ...
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