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Are you looking for laugh-out-loud young adult romantic comedy novels? I have a few suggestions for fabulous YA rom com books for you!

Hey, I’m Sara, and my teen daughter and I love to watch rom-com movies, new and old. For my part, I miss the good ol’ days when romantic comedy movies were made into feature films, and we could watch them in the theater with a giant tub of popcorn. *Swoon* Those were the days. But things have changed, and they don’t make those kinds of movies as often as they used to (and rarely for the theater), but we still watch what we can find. But we’ve been reading some great YA romcom novels to fill the gap, and we wanted to share those with you. Keep in mind these books are fun, light-hearted, and often silly, just like the rom-com movies.

This list is ongoing, and we’ll update it as we find more. Please tell us your favorite young adult romantic comedy novel suggestions in the comments! (Or movie suggestions….we love those, too!)

Our Suggestions for YA Rom Com Books

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My Favorite Color is Your Something Blue

This is an adorable, light-hearted, quick read! An enemies-to-lovers YA rom-com book with a perfect ending.

From Amazon: “A fun Young Adult contemporary novel about a bad first impression, an unwanted setup, and a family wedding that leads two teens onto the unexpected path to romance!

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A really cute fake-dating YA romantic comedy novel!

From Amazon: “This book features two opposites with undeniable chemistry, one lovable librarian, so many stolen kisses, and answers the question: What happens when a nerd falls for the grump-next-door?”

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The Boyfriend List

This is a cute fake relationship story!

From Amazon: “…a sweet and sassy heroine; a swoon-worthy book boyfriend; fake relationship that turns real; small town romance; high school romance; Murphy’s Law hi-jinks; an awesome best friend (who happens to be a guy); and so many cupcakes.”

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Chase and the Girl Who Came Back

This book is part of a series of books set in what the author calls the New Hope World.

From Amazon: “When Yasmin returned to Canary Bay, she was desperate for things in her life to change. After raising her younger sister for most of her teenage years, Yasmin was just trying to get through the year.”

YA rom com novels

Better than the Movies

A cute young adult romantic comedy book about realizing you were after the wrong guy!

From Amazon: “This sweet and funny teen rom-com follows a hopelessly romantic teen girl and her cute yet obnoxious neighbor as they scheme to get her noticed by her untouchable crush..”

young adult romantic comedy

The Upside of Falling

Another fun fake-dating story!

From Amazon: “A fun, flirty teen debut…about a fake relationship and real love.”

Tell us your best YA Rom Com Books suggestions

Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite young adult romantic comedy books are. We’re always looking for more to read and recommend. Thank you!

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