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Read a full summary of House of Sky and Breath, book #1 of Sarah J. Maas’s new Crescent City series, right here! This page is full of spoilers, so beware. If you are wondering what happened in House of Sky and Breath, then you are in the right place!

Sarah J. Maas

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Crescent City series
#1 House of Earth and Blood (recap)
#2 House of Sky and Breath (this page)
#3 House of Flame and Shadow (synopsis)

***** Everything below is a SPOILER *****

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What happened in House of Sky and Breath?


House of Sky and Breath opens up with the introduction of a new character, Sophie Renast. Sophie is a human who has made the Drop, making her more like a Vanir. She works as a spy for the rebel group, Ophion, to get them to help her rescue her brother, Emile. Sophie stages a rescue operation at the Kavalla Death Camps and rescues her brother and several other children. While she is technically a rebel, Sophie has her own agenda- she is trying to discover the truth behind the Asteri, and she also does not fully approve of the rebels’ tactics. Ophion wants her and Emile because their power could help them in their war efforts. Sophie and Emile are thunderbirds- powerful people with the rare ability to harness energy. Thunderbirds have gone nearly extinct because the Asteri fear them and hunt them down. 

Sophie works with Agent Silverbow to get the kids safely to a ship. Sophie anticipates that Ophion will be waiting to intercept her or Emile for their powers. Sophie also knows that the Hind and her dreadwolves are in pursuit, as Sophie has figured out revolutionary information about the Asteri. Agent Silverbow is injured, but he and the kids get away. Sophie, however, is intercepted by the Hind and her dreadwolves. The Hind ties blocks to Sophie’s feet and dumps her into the ocean.

Part 1: The Chasm
Bryce and Hunt are trying to return to their normal lives after the shocking events of the first book. Despite their strong romance, Bryce and Hunt have decided not to consummate their relationship until the Winter Solstice because Bryce wants to take time to process and feel out their relationship before taking that step. 

At a house party hosted by Ruhn, Declan, and Flynn, Hunt and Bryce are enjoying each other’s company and flirting. They enjoy spending time with Fury and Juniper, who are now openly in a relationship. The party is interrupted when Prince Cormac of the Avallen Fae breaks through the wards. 

Ruhn, Declan, and Flynn are on guard- Cormac is Ruhn and Bryce’s cousin and fought Ruhn and his friends during Ruhn’s ordeal. They have never seen eye to eye, especially because Cormac thought he would be the one to inherit the “Chosen One” title and the Starsword. 

Cormac announces that he wants to meet his bride- Bryce. The Autumn King made a deal with the Avallen King to betroth Cormac and Bryce. Bryce balks at this and leaves with Hunt.
They return to Bryce’s apartment, only to find a bleeding male inside. It’s Ithan Holstrom. Sabine, Amelie, and the rest of Amelie’s pack beat him up and exiled him from the wolves because he aided Bryce in Book #1’s battle and because he defended Bryce from Sabine’s lies to the tabloids. 

The River Queen has Tharion looking for a woman’s body- Sophie Renast. She knows that she is a thunderbird and wants to understand what is going on and potentially leverage her power. Tharion is the River Queen’s Captain of Intelligence and is also her daughter’s fiance. Tharion resents this relationship, as he does not love the River Queen’s daughter and is always under the queen’s thumb. 

Ruhn argues with his father, The Autumn King, about Bryce’s betrothal to Cormac. Ruhn is also in an arranged engagement with Hypaxia Enador, the queen of the witches. Despite her title, Hypaxia is a controversial character for many powerful Vanir in Midgard. She is the daughter of a witch and a necromancer. Witches belong to the House of Earth and Blood, necromancers belong to the House of Flame and Shadow. People are wary of Hypaxia’s powers that lean towards the latter. Hypaxia’s mother, Hecuba, had another daughter with a stag-shifter. Their daughter and Hypaxia’s half-sister is Lidia Cervos- The Hind. 

Cormac visits Bryce at the Fae Archives, where she now works. The star at the center of her chest glows in his presence, which he takes as a sign that their union is favorable. He tells Bryce that the Oracle told him that he was destined to unite with a princess with a star in her heart and that their union would allow their people to prosper. 

With the Archangel Micah gone, Crescent City needs a new Archangel to lead. Hunt and his angel friends anticipate the arrival of the Archangel, Celestina, and are unsure what to expect. Unfortunately, with Sandriel’s death, The Asteri decided it would be best if her triarii split between Celestina and another Archangel, Ephraim. Because of this, The Hind (Lidia), The Hammer (Pollux), The Hellhound (Baxian), and the Harpy (name not mentioned), form Celestina’s new triarii. Hunt and some of the other angels have a horrible history with this group. Hunt abhors The Hind and The Hammer especially, and suffered much torture at Sandriel’s command. While tensions are high between Hunt and the new triarii, Celestina seems kind and like she has good intentions. Hunt still does not trust her, though. 

Tharion continues to look into Sophie Renast and hopes to find Emile. Signs point to him hiding out in Crescent City. Tharion also discovers that Sophie had been in contact with Danika. Because of this, he talks with Bryce and Hunt about Danika’s involvement and wants to see if they know anything. Hunt is hesitant and fearful of getting involved in anything that could garner the Asteri’s attention. Conversely, Bryce wants to figure out the level of Danika’s involvement and also wants to protect Emile since she fears for him only being a helpless 13-year-old. 

Bryce requests Fury’s help. Fury does not know much and encourages Bryce to stay away. Though, she does reveal another secret of Danika’s – that Danika was a bloodhound. A bloodhound can sense a lot about a person, including their lineage. 

Bryce fills Ruhn in on what’s happening. They return to her apartment to discuss more, only to find Prince Aidas waiting there in cat form (Ithan and Tharion assumed he was Bryce’s pet). Aidas asks Bryce why she hasn’t mastered her powers yet and continues to be cryptic about his intentions with Bryce. He also tells Bryce that her star power comes from the ancient Fae queen Theia and that Hel’s armies are waiting for Bryce. Bryce and the gang are confused because Hel has always been their enemy. Aidas tells them that isn’t true and to think about how The Asteri have been the ones to write, and often re-write, history. Aidas explains that Bryce’s starlight comes from Theia, and Ruhn’s comes from Prince Pelias- who apparently wasn’t a good guy after all. Aidas explains that Pelias forcibly wed Theia’s daughter, Helena, and commandeered the throne for himself after Theia died. The Starsword is supposed to belong to Theia’s female heir. Aidas says that this brewing war is the same war they fought 15,000 years ago and the same war Hunt fought 200+ years ago. A war against the Asteri. He urges Bryce to get ready. She responds with something along the lines of “How? By aligning with Ophion rebels?” Aidas essentially states that if that is how she must be ready for the war, then yes. She says that she doesn’t even know any rebels. Aidas begins to disappear and says, “There’s one right behind you…Hello, Agent Silverbow.” Agent Silverbow is revealed as Prince Cormac. 

Bryce and her group (including Hunt, Tharion, and Ithan) are shocked and demand answers from Cormac. Except he wants answers of his own- namely, he wants to know where Sophie is and what they know about her. Bryce says that she only learned of Sophie yesterday because of Tharion. Tharion states that he was sent by the River Queen to confirm Sophie’s death. Cormac asks if he confirmed it, and Tharion says that her chains were unlocked. The gang deduces that Cormac and Sophie were in a relationship. Hunt asks Cormac how he was able to get into Bryce’s apartment, as it is very well-warded. Aidas led Cormac there and enabled him to get in. Cormac wants to work with them because he senses that they, too, want to know where Emile is. He wants to guard Emile because it was the last thing he promised Sophie before she went missing. 

Cormac says that multiple parties are interested in finding Emile, many with bad intentions. Pippa Spestos, a commander in the Ophion rebel group, is a fanatical and ruthless leader who wants to use the Renast’s powers to terrorize the Vanir. Cormac says that he came to Crescent City to ally with Bryce and Ruhn. Bryce resents the fact that he trapped her in an engagement, but he states it was the only way his father would allow him to come here. To avoid suspicions rising, Cormac needed a good excuse to stay in Crescent City. Additionally, he wanted to form a 

relationship with Ruhn because of Ruhn’s mind-speaking abilities. There is an agent—Agent Daybright—who Cormac needs to re-establish communications with. This agent is higher up in the Asteri command, so it is virtually impossible to reach them without a mind-speaker available. Bryce and the group are unsure what role they will play in all of this. Bryce states that she will look for Emile and help Cormac in that area only if he can eventually get her out of the engagement and teach her how to use her starborn powers. 

Bryce is nervous about getting involved, but ultimately, she wants to know what Danika knew and how she got involved with Sophie and other Ophion rebels. Ithan is horsing around in Bryce’s apartment one day and ends up breaking her coffee table. A bunch of papers spill out. They were Danika’s from back when she was a student at CCU. Turns out, Danika was looking into a lot of shady stuff and it relates to what she and Sophie corresponded about. The mysterious subjects are Dusk’s Truth and Project Thurr

Later, Hunt and Bryce are sleeping when Hunt wakes up in a pocket-realm. He is dreaming, but what occurs is actually happening. The Prince of the Pit, Apollion, has called him there to insist he figures out more about his and Bryce’s powers. 

Ruhn and Cormac meet up to discuss working together. Ruhn agrees to try to contact Agent Daybright. Ruhn goes by “Night” and calls Agent Daybright, “Day.” She is a woman whose identity we don’t know since she is cloaked in fire. Ruhn’s concealment comes in the form of the night sky. She tells him about a rebel mission to intercept mech suits. 

The angels are called to assemble by Celestina. Pollux and Baxian got into a public altercation. Baxian attacked Pollux because Pollux was sexually harassing a woman. The brawl caused a scene and made it look like Celestina did not have a good grip on her triarii. Because of this, the Asteri want a happy distraction (and also to keep a tight leash on Celestina). They force Celestina to mate with Ephraim, which she accepts as her duty. 

Celestina and Hunt talk privately. She tells him that she wants to look out for him because Shahar was her close friend. She confesses that she tried to buy him out of slavery numerous times but was denied every time. Hunt says that he wants to look out for her as well. 

Later, Bryce and Ruhn are on their way to train when Ruhn is taken by reapers. Ruhn is knocked out, and Day senses that he is in danger and mind-speaks to him, urging him to get up and that he is in danger. Bryce shows up, and they fight the reapers. She uses the Starsword, and it kills a reaper. Reapers are usually impossible to kill. 

Part 2: The Abyss 

Bryce has Declan look through footage of her time at Griffin Antiquities to see if Danika took an interest in any of the books Jesiba had. They notice her looking into one on the history of wolves. They’re unclear why, so Bryce goes to visit the Prime. Bryce does not find out much, but the Prime tells her that the wolves have lost touch with a lot of their old ways. Bryce also informs him that Ithan has been kicked out of the pack. 

Bryce, Juniper, Fury, and Hunt go to the Meat Market to put out feelers for Emile. They have no luck. 

Bryce and the group discover that Danika had told Sophie about a good hiding spot in Crescent City, “where the weary souls find respite.” Bryce suspects that this hiding spot is in the Bone Quarter. Her friends think that anyone would be crazy to go there. Still, Bryce and Hunt go – Baxian even tries to stop them. They go regardless, and the Under King says that no one is there. Bryce confronts him about the reapers because she thinks he sent them. He denies it and says that there’s more to the Bone Quarter than most know about. He reveals that he takes a “taste” of dead souls. Crescent City is powered by the firstlight generated when people make the Drop. The Bone Quarter is thought to be a peaceful afterlife for the dead. The Under King reveals that he feeds off the dead’s secondlight and that he has no intentions of letting Hunt and Bryce leave alive, because he wants to feed on their light. He sets his helhounds on the duo. A fight ensues, and both Bryce and Hunt are roughed up, but they manage to escape because they experiment with their powers. Hunt uses the Dead Gate to amplify his lightning, he aims at Bryce, and she serves as a conduit to his power. Tharion is in the river and hears the storm caused by Hunt and rushes to help them. They all escape. 

Ruhn and Ithan and Cormac are in the City to get intel from a spy disguised as a vagrant. Cormac and the spy exchange information, but as they are leaving Mordoc and a group of dreadwolves walk nearby. The trio is hidden through magic, but Mordoc has a keen sense of smell, being a wolf. Ruhn, Cormac, and Ithan are fearful- especially because Mordoc knows Ithan’s scent because he used to visit Moonwood. Mordoc is Danika’s father. 

Cormac teleports them to a bar as a cover for their illicit activity. He has to leave, but Ruhn and Ithan stay, and Ruhn asks Ithan to move in with him, Declan, and Flynn. Their time is interrupted when the Hind and the Harpy show up. The Hind taunts Ithan about his feelings for Bryce, which he feels guilty about because his brother, Connor, also had strong feelings for Bryce. 

Celestina and Ephraim host a celebration party to toast to their relationship. Celestina specifically asks Hunt to be there for support. Meanwhile, Bryce is breaking down what happened with the Under King to Ithan and the rest of the gang. Ithan is distraught because he doesn’t want his brother’s soul to be fodder. Their conversation is interrupted when Sabine enters the apartment and attacks Bryce because she wants her to stay out of wolf business, and hosting Ithan is staying involved. Bryce manages to shoot a text to Hunt, and he has to leave the celebration, which disappoints Celestina. Baxian follows Hunt. They manage to diffuse the tension and kick Sabine out. As punishment for leaving her celebration party early, Celestina orders Hunt to stay in the barracks for two weeks. 

Cormac learns that the rebel mission to intercept the mech suits was successful. The rebels are now on their way to an island, Ydra. Cormac wants them to find them so Pippa and the rebels cannot use the mech suits to wreak more havoc on people. 

Bryce uses her title as princess to get a meeting with Celestina. She asks Celestina to please allow Hunt to leave the barracks so that they can go to the island. She tells Celestina that she needs Hunt to have a night away so that Hunt can meet her parents. Celestina understands. 

Because Bryce has been using her princess title around town, Fae law dictates that she officially accepts her title. This means the Autumn King has more control over her now. 

Ruhn visits with Day and lets her know about them going to the island. She is wary of their mission. She and Ruhn learn a little bit more about each other. Their time is interrupted when she gasps in pain. She returns, and Ruhn is waiting for her to see if she is okay. She reveals that she does not like the person she is with. Her partner had woken her up for rough sex that she does not enjoy, but she says that it’s complicated. She and Ruhn fall asleep together. 

Distraught over the conditions of his brother’s afterlife, Ithan consults the mystics for answers. Him, Bryce, and Tharion visit a man called The Astronomer to figure out where Connor’s soul is. It does not go well. The Astronomer creeps them out. He has rings with creatures trapped inside, and they worry about the ethics of owning mystics. The mystic ventures too far into the pits of Hel where the Prince of the Ravine, Thanatos, starts to feed off of the mystic. They try to stop it, but the Astronomer is content to let the mystic struggle. Ithan realizes that one of the other mystics is a wolf, and he’s confused about what had to have happened for her to end up in this situation. They don’t get any answers. 

Cormac teleports to the island, which exhausts him. He tells Pippa that he wants Hunt to inspect the mech suits and analyze them. Pippa ends up killing several Vanir who were helping her team simply because they are Vanir. She also hints that she knows where Emile is. The team decides that no matter what, they can’t let a fanatic like Pippa possess the suits, so Hunt electrocutes the suit. The Hind and The Harpy show up. Pippa fights back, and the group has to hide their 

identities for fear of the Hind identifying them as working with the rebels. The Hind is able to see that it is Hunt and his friend group. She taunts them and drops something in the water. Bryce uses her starlight, and Hunt uses his lightning. Ophion sends ships after the group. The group is rescued by a giant mer-operated ship, saying they showed up on the scene because they got their signal. 

While on the ship, many things happen. Bryce and Hunt finally have sex and solidify that they are mates. During sex, Bryce accidentally teleports. They figure that Hunt is the key to fully figuring out Bryce’s powers. They also learn that Sophie is officially dead. The mer-people found her body. Sophie has numbers and strange markings on her arms. Cormac says his goodbyes. 

Part 3: The Pit 

Ithan hears from the Prime, who tells him that if Ithan wants to return to the wolves, he will get his own pack. Ithan also decides to return to the mystics to learn more about the mystic wolf. Ithan ends up stealing the Astronomer’s rings and brings them back to Ruhn’s house. Declan, Flynn, and Ithan break the rings and free three sprites and a female dragon named Ariadne, who is magically confined to her human form. Dragon fire can hurt the Princes of Hel. 

Bryce reveals to Hunt that she found Emile a bit ago. She had the Viper Queen and her people look for him in exchange for a favor. Hunt is mad about her lying. She has Fury arrange for Emile to get a new identity and be adopted by Bryce’s parents. 

Hypaxia is back in Crescent City because of the upcoming celebration for Celestina and Ephraim’s official mating. Ithan asks her to use her necromancy powers to see how Connor is doing. Bryce,Hypaxia, and Ithan are attacked by a demon from Hel. Ithan is injured, but Bryce and Hypaxia use their powers together to beat the demons. Ariadne was supposed to help guard Hypaxia and Bryce, but she bailed. 

Ruhn and Day continue to mindspeak. They get closer throughout these meetings, and an attraction grows. Day reveals that because of the upcoming celebration, she is in Crescent City. Ruhn asks to meet her at the celebration. They agree to meet at midnight. 

Bryce must attend the celebration as her role of fae Princess. She is also technically still engaged to Cormac even though Hunt is her mate. They go to the party where she snubs her father and talks with the angels first. She introduces Hunt as her mate and prince, which outrages the Autumn King and surprises Cormac. The Asteri video calls the party, which sets everyone on edge. 

Ruhn escorts Hypaxia to the party because they are engaged. Hypaxia wants to meet her half-sister, The Hind, for the first time. The Hind is rude. Ruhn exits quickly to meet with Day as planned, but the Harpy is waiting for him. He leaves and passes the Hind. 

Bryce and Hunt break into a coat closet to fool around. Someone had the same idea. Turns out, Hypaxia and Celestina are in a secret relationship. 

Ruhn meets Day through mind-speak, he says he tried to meet with her but that the Harpy and the Hind were on his tail. They kiss but are interrupted by the same male from earlier. 

Apollion visits Bryce in her dreams. He tells her that Aidas loved Queen Theia and that the fae and forces of Hel united against the Asteri in the war. He also says that it is easier to communicate with Hunt because he was “bred” to interact with those from Hel. 

Later, Hypaxia and Ithan attempt to summon Connor’s spirit. Instead, the Under King shows up and tests their power. It takes all night and they show up to Ruhn’s doorstep. The Under King forces Ruhn, Hunt, Bryce, and Hypaxia to meet him at Urd’s Temple, or he will feed on the Pack of Devils’ souls. The Under King informs the group that the reapers from before came from the Eternal City. He also tipped off Ophion and Pippa that they would be at the temple. The rebel group attacks. Bryce is able to teleport to the City gates and alerts everyone that rebels are attacking Urd’s temple. Members of Celestina’s triarii show up to fight them. Hunt and Bryce fight as well and manage to get away with Baxian’s help. Bryce points a gun at Baxian and demands to know why he’s always helping them. She is suspicious. Baxian reveals a tattoo across his heart that says, “Through love, all is possible.” He says Danika was his mate. Bryce is in disbelief, but they talk it out, and she learns that the numbers on Sophie’s arms were actually intel that Baxian had passed to Danika. They pertain to a section of the Asteri Archives that contains world-changing information. Bryce wants to go to the Eternal City to figure out what Sophie and Danika knew. 

Flynn and Tharion learn that Ariadne is now under the Viper Queen’s protection. Before the group plans to go to The Eternal City, several of them decide to tie up loose ends. This leads to Tharion breaking up with the River Queen’s daughter. He knows that the River Queen will do horrible things to him in retaliation, so he runs to the Viper Queen’s territory and volunteers for her to take him as a fighter. He drinks her blood, and he officially becomes obligated toward her. Meanwhile, Ithan goes to Moonwood to inform Sabine and the Prime of the mystic’s presence. He insists that she must be rescued because she is a wolf. Sabine gets defensive and does not want to rescue her. The Prime privately reveals to Ithan that he knows of the wolf he refers to and that Sabine is not the only heir to the Fendyr line. 

Ruhn meets with Day via mind-speak again. They have an emotional moment that leads to them having sex. Later, Ruhn reveals that he may not make it back because they are doing a mission to the Eternal City. Day freaks out and starts to warn him about how he will be killed and something about the dungeons, but she yells in pain and disappears. Ruhn worries that she has been captured or something has happened to her. 

The group forms a plan. Cormac and Tharion will target an Asteri lab just outside of the Eternal City to draw the Asteri away from the Crystal Palace, where Hunt, Bryce, and Ruhn will be. Ithan stays back to protect the mystic wolf because he anticipates that now that Sabine knows about her location, she will try to kill her. 

Cormac and Tharion successfully blow up the lab. Pippa and her forces meet them there. Cormac sacrifices himself and takes Pippa down with him. Tharion escapes. 

Hunt, Bryce, and Ruhn split up. Bryce looks into the archives. There, she finds plaques with the Asteri names on them and their power levels. She discovers that the Asteri feed on firstlight and need it to survive. She realizes they likely are not stars, as they claimed. She is infuriated that millions of people make the Drop at their command and give them their firstlight and that in death, the Asteri leech off of their secondlight. 

Bryce finds a room labeled “Dusk.” Inside, she finds maps of solar systems she does not recognize. It has notes from the Asteri about different kinds of people from each planet and about dates they occupied or conquered those planets. She sees notes about Midgard and finds out that the Asteri lured the Fae and other groups to Midgard through the rifts in order to populate Midgard and feed off of them forever. She also sees notes about Hel, which is a planet. The Asteri lost a war to them. Bryce realizes that Hel has been trying to help them against the Asteri. Bryce frantically tries to find any information on the Asteri’s home world and is interrupted by the Asteri, Rigelus. 

Bryce and Rigelus confront one another. He reveals that he has been baiting her to come to the Eternal City all along because he needs her powers and Luna’s horn on her back to open the rifts again. He also reveals that he orchestrated Danika and the pack of devil’s murders. Danika was starting to learn too much and eventually figured out that the shifters (wolves, etc.) are a type of Fae. The Asteri made them think that they all had different ancestry to pit them against one another. Bryce teleports out of the room only to find that Hunt has been cornered. Mordoc also finds Ruhn. They are gathered together and shackled. The Harpy starts to taunt Hunt, Bryce, and Ruhn when The Hind enters and starts fighting her. The Hind is Agent Daybright. The Hind and Bryce kill the Harpy together, but they hear Pollux coming so the Hind tells Bryce that they have to make it look real. They start fighting one another to ensure that the Hind isn’t discovered as a double agent. In the fight, the Hind secretly unlocks Bryce’s shackles and whispers something in her ear. 

How does House of Sky and Breath end?

Rigelus gathers them all together. Hunt, Ruhn, and Bryce try to fight their way out. Baxian helps, which gets him put in shackles as well. Rigelus admits that he impersonated Aidas earlier, because he needed Bryce to hone her powers for this very moment. He wants her to use the Horn to open a portal to another world. A world where the Fae had overthrown the Asteri’s brethren before. Rigelus wants to conquer it. Bryce agrees to help Rigelus as long as he agrees to free Ruhn and Hunt. They understand that she has another plan up her sleeve. Rigelus allows her to say goodbye. Ruhn tells her through mindspeak that she needs to go to Hel and have their armies come to Midgard’s aid. Bryce breaks her chains and runs. 

Rigelus pursues her as she runs towards the crystal gate. Hunt and Ruhn fight the others, but Hunt is able to send a burst of lightning into Bryce, which allows her to open a portal. She falls through it, unsure where it is taking her. 

Hunt, Ruhn, and Baxian prepare to be tortured. Rigelus tortures Hunt first, by putting a crown of thorns back on his brow and making him a slave. 

Bryce wakes up in a new world. She is confused because she thought Hel was a dark and cold world, but she sees grass and someone’s estate ahead. A leather-winged male finds her and holds her at knife-point. She begs him to take her to Aidas. He doesn’t understand because he speaks a different language. He takes her back to the house. There, a group of several people, including Fae, try to help. Bryce tries to speak in the old language of the Fae, and one of the people recognizes it, saying, “That language hasn’t been spoken here in 15,000 years.” Bryce was carrying the Starsword when she teleported to this world. The winged male examines it and pulls out his knife, which is the Starsword’s exact twin. A fae woman with swirled tattoos enters with her mate. He looks almost exactly like Ruhn. Bryce begs them for help, saying her world and her mate need to be saved. The male, who looks like Ruhn, steps forward and asks for her name. She says, “My name is Bryce Quinlan.” He responds with, “Hello, Bryce Quinlan. My name is Rhysand.” 


Ithan guards outside the Astronomer’s place. Flynn calls him and informs him that the mission to the Eternal City was a failure because Cormac is dead, Bryce is missing, and Hunt and Ruhn are imprisoned. They need him back at home base- Ruhn’s house. Ithan does not want to leave the mystic wolf behind, so he breaks in and begs her to wake up because his friends and pack need him. The wolf, the lost Fendyr heir, hears him and opens her eyes.

There you go! That’s what happened in House of Sky and Breath. We hope you enjoyed this House of Sky and Breath summary with spoilers.

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