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When you’re a mom, finding time to read can be a challenge!  But don’t worry.  Bibliophile moms always find a way!  If you ARE one, you know what I’m talking about.  When you’re in the middle of a good book priorities take a backseat, chores don’t get done, hygiene may be neglected, etc.  Whether you love modern literature, mysteries, or maybe you are even a 30 something that loves YA you’ll be entertained by these funny mommy book problems.  Enjoy!

When she’s reading here is what you can expect:

She doesn’t clean!

moms who love ya
Source: susanwiggs.com

Of course she loves you more than her book!

bibliophile mom
Source: bookseriesrecaps.com

She works out!

funny reading problems
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She doesn’t have time to make dinner today.

moms who love to read
Source: thefussylibrarian.com

Don’t touch her books

don't touch my books
Source: rebloggy.com

She sacrifices sleep for reading.

mommy book problems
Source: bookseriesrecaps.com

She can’t wait to get in bed and….read!

bibliophile problems
Source: cleverbetty.blogspot.com

She’s not a quitter.

book nerds
Source: 24.media.tumblr.com

She NEEDS her reading time and will get creative in finding it.

moms who love to read
Source: bookseriesrecaps.com

Hope you enjoyed these cute and funny mommy book problems!

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