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No spoilers in this rapid review of Scripted Unscripted by Kristina Miranda. I liked it and give it 3.5 stars.

To be entirely honest, Scripted Unscripted was the first book I’ve read in a long time from the Realistic Fiction/Contemporary genre, and it was a pleasant surprise! I really enjoyed the light-hearted plot, and I loved the main character’s POV and fun, witty personality. 

Sixteen year old Ellie Quinn’s father owns a business that trains animals to star in Hollywood movies. Ellie wants more than anything to become an animal trainer like her father, but she often finds herself having to babysit actors’ pets. She strives to help with her father’s business when she can, but everything changes when the co-star from the show her father’s business is working for is fired and she is chosen to fill in.

Ellie is thrust into the dramatic world of a teen celebrity, and her life quickly gets thrown off-script—literally! To make matters worse, in the bustle of Hollywood life, she can hardly find time alone with Cam Rodriguez, the charming newly-hired actor she’s falling for. But soon the day-to-day drama is the least of her worries because her father’s business is failing. And if the show she is co-starring in doesn’t get picked up, she could lose everything she’s ever known and have no choice but to move to her grandfather’s lettuce farm. Ellie’s world is quickly falling apart, but can she find the courage to write her own script for her life?

Overall, Scripted Unscripted was a fun, light-hearted read. Miranda’s characters were well developed, and I found myself cheering for Ellie all the way. Cam’s character was adorable, and even now I wish he was real. I also liked how Kate’s character was flawed but still deep and how she developed throughout the story. The only character I didn’t like at all was Logan, but even he had his decent moments.

I also enjoyed the plot, and although it was a little cheesy at times, I liked how it developed and, of course, how it ended, but that’s all I can say. No spoilers! The setting was also fun, and I enjoyed the sunny California feel. I’ve never been to Hollywood, but this book left me wishing I had. 

I definitely think Scripted Unscripted is on the younger side of YA, and it would be great for younger teens. Looking back, the book had an almost “Disney-esque” vibe and reminded me of a Disney Channel Movie.  I would recommend it to younger teens looking for a fun, light-hearted read!

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