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No spoilers in this rapid review of Morning Star by Pierce Brown.

LOVED it! I give it 4.75 stars. (That amounts to 5 stars on Goodreads and I don’t give those out very often!)

First let me say that I am a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. I usually lean more toward fantasy but this awesome science fiction story drew me in and I could not put it down! Much sleep lost. The entire series (Red Rising & Golden Son included) did not disappoint.

I love the world of Red Rising! Morning Star takes you further into the galaxy traveling to not only Luna but also to the moons of Jupiter. Pierce Brown did his homework making the story fit the laws of nature as much as possible from distances to terraforming to the amount of gravity on the moons.

There are more characters introduced or further explored. Ragnar is awesome and his sister Sefi scares me to death! (In a good way of course. 🙂 ) Mustang is tough as nails and her rocky relationship with Darrow pulled me along. Sevro…oh Sevro, I laughed out loud at him several times! Most of all I love the character of Darrow. After everything he has been through (and there is a lot) he is still a good person. He still believes in people and he believes in second chances. No wonder so many people are drawn to him. I know I am!

Pierce Brown’s writing style of omitting specific details until just the right moment was perfect for this type of story. He gives you surprises along the way and doesn’t always let you know everything that Darrow is thinking or is up to even though it is from his perspective and you are often privy to his thoughts. That said, you need to read this book to learn what surprises the end of Morning Star has to offer. Several things in the last few chapters are unexpected…and infuriating…and awesome!

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Morning Star (Red Rising, #3)

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