No spoilers in this rapid review of Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake. I thought it was okay and give it 3 stars. Barely. This series is not one of my favorites. The recaps for Three Dark Crowns and One Dark Throne (books 1 and 2) are popular, though, so that’s why I‘ve stuck with it. We try to give our readers what they want, and I know they’ll want a recap of Reigns before reading Five Dark Fates. 🙂

Reigns is the penultimate book in the series, so we still haven’t reached a conclusion about who will reign. The bulk of this third installment centers on several characters’ maneuverings to secure the throne. (I intentionally said “characters” instead of “sisters.” Hmmm.) 😉 Blake offered a few interesting developments, the best of which was a flashback sequence that turned out to be my favorite storyline of the series.

I give it 3.0 stars overall.
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Many of my same complaints from Crowns and Throne remain, however, so click the links for the details listed in those two reviews. In a nutshell, everything about these books is just so-so: the plot, the setting, the characters, and the prose. One positive: Blake offered fewer instances of cheesy dialogue this time around. And the pacing improved in Reign, too. The story didn’t start off slow like the first two books did; it moved along at a steadier pace from start to finish.

This is not a series I would recommend unless you’ve read already some of the greats in the YA fantasy genre. There are plenty of readers who really enjoy it, though, so you might read other reviews before you dismiss it entirely.

Let us know what you think about Two Dark Reigns in the comments! No spoilers on this page please!

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