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Is it just us, or have we experienced the death of the romantic comedy the last few years? Where’s the next How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sweet Home Alabama, or The Wedding Planner? Don’t fear: A new romantic comedy is finally here! And guess what? Like so many great movies, it’s based on a novel! Have you seen Crazy Rich Asians yet? Or have you read the book?

One of my all-time favorite things is to read a good book and then see it in movie form! I don’t even mind if the movie is a bit different than the novel. I saw Crazy Rich Asians with my sisters and we had a wonderful girls night. We laughed out loud. We swooned. We raged against mean girls.

So why have romantic comedies disappeared of late? According to some, there are several reasons.

  1. The decline of the mid-budget movie
  2. Young actresses are not interested
  3. YA adaptations have been on the rise
  4. Read more about the death of the romantic comedy at vox.com…

Dear Hollywood,
Please make more romantic comedies!
-Sara & Stacy 

Recaps you don’t want to miss

Fall 2018 is chock full of amazing new releases! To get to all of them, we’re going to have our noses in a book for the next several months. 😉 Check out our links to recaps to refresh your memory on the predecessors to six recent or upcoming releases:

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 The Muse of Nightmares (9/18/18)
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Kingdom of Ash (10/23/18)
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Which series are you most looking forward to?  Let us know in the comments.
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Bookish Fun from Pinterest:

Review Highlight

 review-of-scytheI recently finished Scythe, the first dystopian novel I’ve read in quite some time. I’d seen nothing but glowing reviews yet hadn’t picked it up because I had so many other books on my to-read list. It was definitely worth the wait, and honestly, I should’ve put it to the top of my TBR pile much sooner because it’s the best YA I’ve read in quite some time. The author strikes the perfect balance between entertaining me and making me think, which is the formula for great dystopian, right? To discover further reasons on why should pick up Scythe, check out my review.

Have you read Scythe?  If so, did you like it?  Let us know in the comments.

New Project – Clean Teen Books

clean YA booksWe’ve started a new project here at BSR. We’re on a mission to identify clean Young Adult books. The face of YA is changing. As the average age of YA readership increases, books are becoming more and more mature. From what we hear, many parents are looking for clean YA books that are appropriate for young teens. And we’d like to help these parents as well as anyone else who’s interested in reading these books. We’re not in favor of censorship; instead, we’re in favor of information so readers can make informed decisions. And we’d love to have your help! We’ve started a list of clean reads and hope our readers will help us add to it. We’re also going to have a separate newsletter for those of you interested in this topic. Check out our Clean YA Books page here.

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We are writing!

writing report nanowrimo 2017We’re writing! That’s right, both bloggers here at BSR have been hard at work on our first novels for a couple of years now. Oh, how we wish we could work on them full time instead of an hour here and an hour there! But we’ve made progress slowly but surely and are both in the beginning phases of our third drafts. We’ve decided we’re ready to start sharing little bits about our manuscripts in our newsletter. This time, we’ll give you a back-of-the-book type summary to introduce you to our stories.

Stacy is writing a high fantasy series called The Arwyn Prophecies.

An old prophecy left the Arwyn king to speculate whether his life would be cut short and who his young son Luke should eventually marry. The prophecy also left an orphan named Caitlin in the custody of the king’s trusted advisor and led her adoptive father to wonder if she would be the future queen. Luke and Caitlin developed a close friendship as children but now, after a falling out, haven’t seen each other in years.

While it appears the foretold time is drawing near, a new prophecy has yet to arrive to clarify the old one. Is the prediction still valid? If so, will the horrific events catch everyone by surprise? And are these even the most important questions? Perhaps the king should be asking who rather than when as he ponders the long-foretold attacks on his great city.

Sara is writing an urban fantasy adventure called This Dreamer.

Evie, a Watcher, grows restless observing mortals from the safety of her desk in the Control Room. Though it’s against the rules, she jumps at the chance to meet Adan, the human Dreamer she has been secretly studying for ages. Aside from the heap of trouble she is in upon her delayed return, Evie also learns that Adan has vanished from his sector in her absence. He has been transported to another where his presence is strictly forbidden.

Evie is sent into this wild and unknown place wielding a golden blade and wearing a human body. Her orders are to find him and take care of the problem before her time is up. As she fights against unfamiliar human emotions, she discovers that Adan is much more than an ordinary mortal and that perhaps his illusive captor is a threat to them all. If she doesn’t succeed, her way back to the Control Room will be sealed, and she will be banished to this sector, alone, until the slow grip of mortality should claim her.

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Sara and Stacy

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