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Read a full The Crown summary, book #5 in Kiera Cass’s Selection series. This page is full of spoilers, so beware. If you are wondering what happened in The Crown, then you are in the right place!

Kiera Cass

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***** Everything below is a SPOILER *****

What happened in The Crown?

The story commences immediately after “The Heir,” with Queen America suffering a heart attack. She undergoes surgery and is hospitalized in the palace’s hospital wing. Facing this critical situation, Eadlyn takes to the Report to declare her decision to narrow down the Selected Suitors to the six Elites: Gunner Croft, Kile Woodwork, Ean Cabel, Hale Garner, Fox Wesley, and Henri Jaakoppi, along with his translator, Erik. Eadlyn also discloses that King Maxon, her father, intends to stay by the queen’s side during her recovery, appointing Eadlyn as Illéa’s regent with full authority and responsibilities until he can resume his role. 

Marid Illéa, the child of August and Georgia Illéa, arrives at the palace to convey his well-wishes for Queen America’s recovery. August Illéa had collaborated with Maxon to eliminate the castes. However, their efforts led to disagreements, resulting in the Illéa family’s departure from the palace. Despite their strained relationship with the Schreaves, Marid now desires reconciliation between both families. Marid, widely adored by the public, extends his support and assistance to Eadlyn for any requirements she may have. 

The following day, Queen America emerges from her coma, prompting Eadlyn, Kaden, and Osten to visit her. Later in the evening, Eadlyn embarks on a date with Kile. During their time together, she opens up about Ahren’s letter, which detailed Illéa’s negative perception of her. Kile offers solace and even suggests kissing to momentarily forget her troubles, willing to accommodate her wishes. Eadlyn declines, expressing her growing attachment to him. She admits her feelings for Kile, and he reciprocates, mentioning his plan to create a summerhouse for her. 

Grandmother Singer pays a visit to the palace to visit Queen America. Later that evening, Eadlyn has a chance encounter with Erik in the kitchen. They engage in conversation about various topics, including Henri, Eadlyn’s parents, and the Selection. Eadlyn candidly admits her initial reluctance towards the Selection and her lack of romantic feelings for any suitor. Erik generously offers his assistance for any needs she might have. 

In a separate interaction, Gunner Croft approaches Eadlyn and seeks her permission to share a kiss to determine compatibility. Although the kiss is unremarkable, Gunner respects her boundaries and seeks permission to leave the Selection. 

Eadlyn goes on a date with Henri, accompanied by Erik for translation. The conversation between Eadlyn and Henri is awkward and distant due to the constant need for translation. Eadlyn finds herself conversing more with Erik than Henri. In an attempt to improve the situation, Eadlyn suggests that both Erik and Henri give Finnish lessons to her and the other Elite Suitors. 

During the initial Finnish lesson, Henri assists Eadlyn in improving her pronunciation by holding her face near his. Their interaction almost leads to a kiss, but the moment is interrupted by Erik before it fully transpires. 

Marid Illéa suggests to Eadlyn the idea of organizing a town hall session to broadcast discussions between citizens from various backgrounds and castes. The goal is to demonstrate the palace’s commitment to listening to the people’s concerns. 

During the live town hall session, the situation becomes chaotic as attendees express their grievances, particularly regarding the prejudice against former lower castes. The conversation escalates into heated arguments and demands for increased freedoms. Marid steps in to support Eadlyn, defending her and helping restore order. Eventually, the meeting concludes on a positive note, with some successful resolutions. 

Eadlyn approaches her father with a proposal to formally take on the throne, allowing him to step back from responsibilities, spend more time with Queen America, and nd respite from their duties. Initially hesitant due to the challenging circumstances, Maxon eventually agrees, appreciating Eadlyn’s willingness to step up. He hands over his signet ring as a symbolic gesture of passing on authority. The announcement is made publicly on the Report, drawing warm congratulations from those present. This gesture underscores Eadlyn’s capability and popularity, reassuring the public of her capabilities and affection. 

During another Finnish lesson, Eadlyn and Kile openly acknowledge their feelings for each other. In a separate conversation, Hale confides in Eadlyn, revealing that he has developed feelings for Ean after Ean kissed him in the Men’s parlor. He’s anxious that their affection could jeopardize their lives, given the rule against Suitors having relationships outside of the princess. Additionally, the stigma against same-sex couples due to past castes complicates matters. Eadlyn is taken aback but proposes a solution. She suggests that Hale and Ean be eliminated individually after her coronation, which is just a week away. They could then pursue their relationship discreetly after the Selection concludes, ensuring the public won’t perceive their actions as treason. Hale is deeply appreciative and relieved by her understanding. 

Kile visits Eadlyn in her room and discusses his idea of creating a throne room for her, a space where she can engage with and listen to her subjects. Their conversation takes a nostalgic turn as they reminisce about their first kiss. They recall a playful moment from their childhood when Kile, aged six, surprised Eadlyn, then four, with a kiss during their game. Eadlyn’s reaction was to threaten to have him hanged. Kile laughs at the memory, pointing out that a four-year-old shouldn’t be familiar with such a term, but Eadlyn counters, suggesting that someone brought up in their position should know. 

A few days before the coronation, as Eadlyn tries on her ceremonial dress and cape, a tailor seeks her assistance in Erik’s room to persuade him to wear a suit for the event. Erik is reluctant to don such formal attire like the other Elites. Eadlyn manages to convince him to wear the suit with a twist – a different-colored tie. During their interaction, Erik unveils a family heirloom, a ring meant to be given to his future spouse. However, he bestows it upon Eadlyn for good luck. In a spontaneous moment, Eadlyn leans in to kiss him, only to be interrupted by the returning tailor. This experience prompts Eadlyn to realize her feelings for Erik, recalling the question Camille had posed earlier about her romantic interests. 

On the day of the coronation, Ahren returns to the palace with his wife, the French princess Camille de Sauveterre. The ceremony proceeds seamlessly, with Eadlyn officially reciting her vows and being crowned as the Queen of Illéa. During the ensuing celebration, Ahren approaches Eadlyn to apologize for his sudden departure. Eadlyn, in turn, expresses gratitude for the experience as it helped her grow less self-centered. 

During the festivities, Marid approaches Eadlyn with a proposal. He suggests that she marry him in order to unite the Illéa and Schreave lines, thereby gaining power and public adoration. Marid issues an ultimatum – if she refuses, he will spread malicious rumors about her, potentially inciting riots as he wields significant influence over the populace. Eadlyn, realizing Marid’s true intentions becomes overwhelmed and ees the party in distress. 

Erik comes to her aid, and the two find refuge in the Women’s Room. There, they acknowledge their feelings for each other and share a kiss. They are, however, aware of the challenges preventing their relationship from fully blossoming. 

The following morning, Ean departs from the palace as previously arranged with Eadlyn. In an effort to thwart Marid’s plans, Eadlyn makes a decision to accelerate the Selection’s conclusion to two weeks. She plans to eliminate Fox and Hale and subsequently choose between Kile and Henri in a public announcement. 

On the same evening, Eadlyn shares a clandestine rendezvous with Erik in a secure room. During their time together, they discuss their respective families and backgrounds. Eadlyn and Erik disclose their full names – Eikko Petteri Koskinen and Eadlyn Helena Margarete Schreave. They both recognize that after the Selection concludes, they may never see each other again. However, for that night, they permit themselves to share a kiss and be together. 

The subsequent day, Eadlyn goes on a date with Fox. During their time together, he professes his love for her. However, Eadlyn believes his emotions are coerced, and she carries the burden of knowing she will soon eliminate him from the Selection. 

Later, Eadlyn sees news of Marid Illéa purchasing engagement rings on camera. This action could sway public sentiment in favor of Marid as a potential prince consort. In light of this development, Eadlyn makes a swift decision to choose her husband immediately and intends to announce their engagement the following day. 

In this moment of uncertainty, Josie Woodwork offers comfort to Eadlyn. Josie apologizes for her past behavior and desire to become a princess. She admits to manipulating the Selection by submitting Kile’s name, hoping he would win and fulfill her dreams of royalty. 

On the same day, both Hale and Fox depart from the palace. Following this, Eadlyn heads to Kile’s room with the intention of proposing to him. However, Kile takes the initiative and proposes to her, suggesting they get married immediately to counter Marid’s plans. 

In response, Eadlyn shares her reluctance, not wanting Kile to give up his dreams and ambitions for her. Kile is determined and expresses his willingness to make sacrifices, but Eadlyn’s affection for him prompts her to take action. To ensure Kile doesn’t compromise his future, she makes the difficult choice to ask him to leave the palace. She banishes him for a year, directing him to Bonita to contribute to a housing project for the homeless and pursue his architectural aspirations. 

Prior to proposing to Henri, Eadlyn seeks out Erik. Both of them share the pain of their unfulfilled connection. They confess their love for each other, and Eadlyn offers Erik her signet ring as a symbol of their feelings. With no alternative, Eadlyn proceeds to propose to Henri, who enthusiastically accepts. 

How did The Crown end?

However, on the following day, just moments before the engagement announcement, Henri has a revelation. He comprehends the depth of Erik and Eadlyn’s affection for each other. Despite his own profound love for Eadlyn, he makes the selfless decision not to marry her. He opts to step aside, recognizing that Eadlyn and Erik’s happiness is paramount. 

Eadlyn privately seeks her father’s guidance on her dilemma. She addresses the issue that the Selection rules prevent her from marrying a non-contestant. In response, Maxon shares a deeply personal story, revealing his back scars and recounting the abuse he endured from his father, King Clarkson, during his childhood. The scars originated from a punishment inflicted on Maxon when he discovered his father’s affair with a woman, resulting in an illegitimate daughter. According to the country’s regulations, illegitimate royal children were to be executed to prevent them from challenging the throne. However, when Maxon ascended to the throne, he disregarded this rule. He located his half-sister and protected her secret identity by raising her within the palace. 

Eadlyn realizes that Lady Brice is Maxon’s half-sister. Through this story, Maxon demonstrates that he, America, and Ahren have all at times deed Illéa’s regulations. He encourages Eadlyn to prioritize her own happiness and love, urging her to disregard the rules and follow her heart, just as he had done in his own past. 

Filled with newfound clarity, Eadlyn returns to the set of the Report and bravely declares her love for Eikko Koskinen. She goes a step further by proposing to him, and Eikko joyfully accepts her proposal. In a momentous announcement, Eadlyn also shares her plan to transform Illéa into a constitutional monarchy. This shift will introduce a prime minister, allowing the citizens to participate in decision-making through voting and shaping their collective future. 

In the epilogue, Eadlyn reflects on the nature of love and happily ever after, emphasizing that such moments often manifest unexpectedly. 

In the bonus epilogue set six years later, Josie’s dream of becoming a princess comes true as she marries Kaden. Eadlyn and Eikko’s life has also evolved – they now have a daughter named Kerttu, and Eadlyn is 

anticipating the arrival of another child. The passage of time has brought about significant changes and new chapters in the lives of these characters. 

There you go! That’s what happened in The Crown. We hope you enjoyed this The Crown summary with spoilers.

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