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Read a full summary of Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi now!  This page is full of spoilers so beware. If you are wondering what happened in Ignite Me, then you are in the right place!

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***** Everything below is a SPOILER *****

What happened in Ignite Me?

Juliette returns to consciousness in Warner’s bedroom in the army compound. They talk about their past history. Warner tells Juliette that he never wanted to use her as a weapon. He wanted to study her because his mother suffers intense pain at every touch which seems like the flip-side of Juliette’s gift. Then when he met her he wanted to help her as he had fallen in love with her. He tells her that the soldier he shot in front of her was beating his wife and children. He tells her that the child he used in the experiment that made her so angry was just a simulation and not real. He was trying to jolt her out of the introverted sense of extreme guilt she was carrying.

He tells her that his father has taken Sara and Sonya to the capital. He tells her that Omega Point has been destroyed and its population is all dead. She finds it hard to believe and insists he take her there to see for herself. She resolves to keep fighting the Re-establishment and rescue Sara and Sonya. She makes a deal with Warner that they will join forces and kill his father.


This recap was awesomely submitted by Ruth from The Cat and the Kindle.  Thanks Ruth!
Check out thecatandthekindle.tumblr.com and find them on social media at @catandkindle.

Warner and his servant, Delaleui, smuggle Juliette out of the compound. Warner takes her to Omega Point which is now nothing but a crater in the ground. They see Kenji there. Warner borrows Kenji’s invisibility power without even touching him. Warner allows Juliette to go with Kenji but gives her a panic button so she can call for help.

Kenji tells Juliette that he and Adam saw her get taken from the battlefield. They thought she was being taken to the compound. When they got there they met up with Castle, Ian, Lily, and Alia who had rescued Winston and Brendan. They heard that planes were en route to bomb Omega Point and rushed back. They picked up James about a mile out. He had sneaked out to help fight, and so ironically survived while all the other children and old people left behind in safety died in the bombing. They have been holed up in Adam’s old apartment since.

Juliette tells Kenji that Warner is not the person they all think he is and that he has said he is in love with her. Kenji laughs. He thinks Warner is still toying with her.

They go back to the others. Winston and Brendan have been tortured and are badly hurt. Castle is in a catatonic. Adam is at first delighted and relieved to see Juliette but becomes angry when he senses she has feelings for Warner.

Warner turns up. Juliette announces she is going to fight with Warner against the Re-establishment with or without the others. The others agree to fight with her except for Adam who objects to fighting alongside Warner. Adam storms out. Juliette speaks to Warner in private but she is still confused about her feelings. Adam comes back and loses his temper about them being alone together. He tells Warner to leave.

Juliette stays the night but in the morning there is a big emotional scene between Adam and Juliette. Kenji tries to defend her. Adam insults her and breaks up with her, (though they are already broken up) then tells her to leave. He storms out (again) saying he wants her gone when he gets back.

Juliette presses the panic button.

Warner arrives in record time. He shows obvious concern and affection for Juliette which the others find astonishing but at the same time reassuring. He offers for them to come stay in his private training area on the compound. Reluctantly they agree.

Warner and Juliette leave promising to come back next day.

Back at base Juliette wakes in the night to find Warner trying to put cream on his back scars to lessen them. He tells her they are from when his father whipped him on every birthday. Warner tells Juliette he loves her but she doesn’t say it back because she isn’t sure of her feelings. She thought she was in love with Adam but now doesn’t think she is and doesn’t want to make another mistake. Things become very cold between them.

Warner brings the Omega Pointers back to the base but without Adam and James. Kenji notes that things are noticeably cooler between Warner and Juliette but she won’t tell him why. She says, though, Warner has a right to know that Adam and James are his brothers and that if Adam won’t tell him, she will.

Warner tells them his father is on a ship offshore. Juliette tells them her plan is to take over Sector 45 which will lure him back then she can kill him and replace him with herself. She will then put the world back on track, clean up the environment, etc. She plans to speak To Warner’s army and the citizens and ask them to fight too. The Omega Pointers all agree to follow her.

Later she asks Warner just to be her friend while she works out her feelings. He says he has never had a friend and is not sure he can.

Kenji convinces Adam to bring James and join them at the compound by telling him Juliette is still in love with him and missing him. He wants her to pretend she isn’t attracted to Warner. She is furious, though things are still cold between them and they sleep in separate rooms.

Juliette tells Warner that Adam is coming and that Kenji told him she is still in love with him. Then she tells him she doesn’t love Adam and isn’t attracted to him anymore but is attracted to Warner.

Adam arrives and there is another emotional scene. Juliette tells him she’s not getting back with him and he is ok until she mentions Warner. Then he accuses her of having been cheating with Warner all along and storms off into another room.

Alia designs Juliette a new suit which, when combined with her powers, will make her invincible.

James asks Warner lots of questions like why he calls Juliette “love” and if he’s in love with her (which he doesn’t answer). He asks why Warner has the big house with lots of food and hot water. Warner tells him he works for the the Re-establishment. James is terrified. Warner tells him he is also working with the rebels to defeat the Re-establishment, which is punishable by death. Then Warner gets shaky.

Warner teaches Juliette to fist fight. Kenji and Castle train Juliette to project her powers.

It is Warner’s mother’s birthday. He is apprehensive about seeing her because she may not even know he is there. Juliette tells him she will know and it will make her happy. Juliette asks him about the jade ring he wears. He says his mother gave it to him on his sixth birthday. They were hiding from his father. She told him to hide his heart so it couldn’t be taken from him.

Warner takes Kenji and Juliette out of the compound with him so she can practice outside. Warner is late picking them back up so they go to his mother’s house. His mother has died. Juliette holds him while he falls apart.

When they get back to base, Juliette tells Adam he has to tell Warner they are brothers because Warner needs family. The argument gets nasty, Kenji tries to defend Juliette and Adam grabs Kenji’s hand pushing it against Juliette’s. She doesn’t hurt him. She realizes she has learned to turn the power off and can touch people. She doesn’t have to be with anyone by default just because they are the only people she can touch.

Juliette goes straight to Warner and tells him she loves him and wants him.

In the morning Juliette asks Warner why he trusts Delalieu. He tells her the man is his maternal grandfather but they share no affect.

Juliette’s suit is ready. She addresses the soldiers and asks them to join her. She demonstrates her power for them. The other Omega Pointers appear and do the same. The soldiers cheer their support.

Afterward, the others start asking Juliette questions about the Supreme Commander, what he looks like and why his last name is different to Warner’s, what his first name is. She says she doesn’t know his first name. Adam says it’s Paris. Warner overhears and thinks Adam is a spy sent to kill him. How else could he know the man’s name? It’s a closely guarded secret. Juliette tells him that Adam and James are his brothers.

Warner finally feels a bond with Adam because he knows his father abused him too.

How does Ignite Me end?

Warner’s father’s ship docks. Anderson is gathering forces from across the country to crush the rebels but he is still on the ship. Kenji and Juliette slip out, invisible, and go to the ship as the others prepare for battle. They get separated so Juliette is visible. Juliette uses her powers to defeat hundreds of soldiers and survive hundreds of bullets. She finds Sara and Sonya who are ok.

She goes after Anderson. He has a superpowered soldier of his own who batters her with pressure waves. She kills the soldier then shoots Anderson dead. Kenji is badly injured. Sara and Sonya heal him but he is unconscious. Juliette carries him off the ship. They steal a tank and head back to base.

Juliette announces to the entire sector that the Supreme Commander is dead and she is in charge now. She goes out onto the battlefield where everyone can see her. They have stopped fighting and they salute and cheer her. Her friends have all survived, including Aaron Warner who stands at her side.

There you go! That’s what happened in Ignite Me. Hope you enjoyed this recap of Ignite Me with spoilers.

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