What are book recaps for?

Well, you know how your favorite author loves to keep you waiting for the next book in their series? Something about writing, editing, publishing, etc. So you read book one and loved it! Book two is about to come out but it’s been a whole year since you read book one. You’ve forgotten some of the finer details. Maybe you’ll read the whole book again. That’s great! Do it! But maybe you don’t have time. That’s where we come in. We’ve got your complete book summary so you can get a quick refresher on book one so that you’ll know just what’s going on when you finally get your hands on book two! You’re welcome. 🙂

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What happened in The Wrath and the Dawn

What happened in The Wrath and the Dawn?

Read our The Wrath and the Dawn summary right here!  This page is full of ...
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what happened in a darker shade of magic

What happened in A Darker Shade of Magic? (Shades of Magic #1)

Read a full summary of A Darker Shade of Magic right here!  This page is ...
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What happened in Rogue Wave

What happened in Rogue Wave? (WaterFire Saga #2)

Rogue Wave, book two of the WaterFire saga, is filled with heart pounding action, jarring ...
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dark artifices theories

The Dark Artifices Theories – What will happen next?

What do you think will happen after Lady Midnight? Dark Artifices theories: WARNING: There are ...
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what happened in deep blue

What happened in Deep Blue? (WaterFire Saga #1)

The WaterFire Saga takes place underwater in the world of the merpeople. This series is ...
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the rose society recap

The Rose Society Recap (The Young Elites #2)

Marie Lu has penned a villain in the making.  It's interesting to read how circumstance ...
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what happened in morning star

What happened in Morning Star? (Red Rising #3)

I love love love this entire trilogy by Pierce Brown.  No let-down in THIS sequel.  ...
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what happened in six of crows

What happened in Six of Crows? (Six of Crows #1)

This book captured my attention from page one! I loved slowly learning each character's backstory as they worked ...
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how did golden son end

How did Golden Son End? (Red Rising # 2)

This second installment of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown was even better than ...
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what happened in the infinite sea

What happened in The Infinite Sea? (The 5th Wave #2)

Cassie, her younger brother, and her friends are trying to find a safe, warm place ...
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what happened in the 5th wave

What happened in The 5th Wave? (The 5th Wave #1)

Earth has sustained strange alien attacks in five different waves. The remaining humans trust no one they ...
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how did the heart of betrayal end

How did the Heart of Betrayal end? (The Remnant Chronicles #2)

I really like this series!  Book two was almost as good as book one.  The ...
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What happened in Red Rising

What Happened in Red Rising? (Red Rising #1)

This is a very cool science fiction debut novel by Pierce Brown.  I thought it ...
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what happened in queen of shadows

What happened in Queen of Shadows? (Throne of Glass #4)

Read a full Queen of Shadows summary right here! This page is full of spoilers ...
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the kiss of deception summary

The Kiss of Deception Summary (The Remnant Chronicles #1)

This book was written in a very interesting way! There is a runaway bride princess ...
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