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It’s been a while since our last newsletter, and we apologize for that. But whoa, have we been busy! In addition to working on clean teen pages, recaps, reviews, and our other newsletter, we have both been hard at work on our first novels. We have been writing and revising in any spare minute these past few years and are actually finally ready to begin querying agents. We’re excited to someday pass our stories along to YOU, our readers, specifically those of you who are interested in clean YA fiction.

But enough about us! Let’s get down to business. If you noticed above, we said clean teen pages. Plural. That’s right: We have our new user-recommended page up and running. We’ve been thrilled by the overwhelming response from our readers, and we’re excited to share your recommendations. It’s a long list, but the longer the list, the more choices there are for our readers. We plan to keep adding to our original list of books we (as website editors) recommend as well as those YOU recommend, so please keep the suggestions coming!

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review spotlight the crown's game

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

The Crown’s Game is set in a fantasy version of Imperial Russia. While getting a bit of a history lesson, readers are immersed in a magical competition between Nikolai and Vika. Having two magicians born in the same generation is rare, and it divides their power. So the pair must battle it out to see who survives to claim all the magical power and to be deemed the Imperial Enchanter.

The Crown’s Game is creative, immersive, and has a positive message overall. There are a few instances of drinking, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of sexual content and the mild language…read more

New to Our List

Maybe you haven’t visited our clean YA page in a while. We’ve added a few new books we want to let you know about.

Parent Corner:

Everyone who lands on our new page is in search of the same thing: clean reads. While some of our readers are teens, we know some are parents searching for great books for their young readers. We want to provide a special segment in this newsletter where we can talk directly to parents. 

We’ve read many interesting parenting books this past year, and while many of them have been good, Ben Sasse’s book The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-of-Age Crisis—and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance is our favorite. Every parent in America should read this challenging book. Sasse provides invaluable advice and restores our hope that there are still good people in Washington.

Search Engine Suggestion:

Instead of perusing a list of clean books, do you need to check on a specific title instead? We want to provide you with links to some of our most valuable resources. This time, we suggest RatedReads.com. If you can’t find a specific book on our list or on CommonSenseMedia.org, we suggest searching this database. Their rating categories include Mild, Moderate, and High, and include considerable detail.

Thanks again for your valuable suggestions. 

Until next time,
~ Sara and Stacy

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