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So many stories colliding here! Cinder and Scarlet’s adventures continue with the added character Cress. Cress is very loosely based on the story of Rapunzel. Want to know what happened in Cress? Read below for all the spoilers.

Marissa Meyer

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The Lunar Chronicles Series
#1 Cinder
#2 Scarlet
#3 Cress
#3.5 Fairest
#4 Winter

Main Characters and Other info

Cress – Lunar shell who is a satellite tech for Queen Levana
Cinder – cyborg and Lunar girl who is trying to keep Kai from marrying Levana
Carswell – famous outlaw now in league with Cinder
Kai – young ruler of New Beijing
Wolf – Lunar super soldier that has joined Cinder and friends
Scarlet – a friend who knows Cinder’s true identity
Doctor Erland – Lunar man who discovered and informed Cinder of the truth about herself
Jacin – Lunar royal guard
Luna – Colony living on the moon.
Levana – ruler of Luna
Shell – a lunar that does not have powers, many parents try to help shell children escape to Earth because they are taken from their families and never seen or heard from again.
Letumosis – deadly disease that is spreading throughout the Earthen population
Setting – Outer space (just outside of Earth’s atmosphere), Futuristic Africa and New Beijing

***** Everything below is a SPOILER *****

What happens in Cress?

Cress, a Lunar shell, has been forced to live in isolation on a satellite orbiting Earth for many years. She is a very talented tech and cyber spy for Levana (leader of Luna) and Levana’s head thaumaturge Sybil Mira. But she has secretly been helping hide Cinder and her friends from being detected as they orbit Earth in Iko the spaceship.

Cress knows that Levana plans to marry Kai and eventually take over as ruler of Earth. To fill her time Cress has been looking up information about Cinder and her friends. And especially Captain Thorne who she may have a huge crush on.

While hiding out in space, Cinder practices her Lunar gifts with Wolf and improves very slowly. They soon ask Cress for help (Cress and Cinder met via telecommunication in previous books). They would like evidence that Luna has been spying on Earthen leaders. Cress agrees and they also decide to rescue her from her satellite prison.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned during the rescue mission. Sybil Mira shows up and Cress and Thorne end up together on the satellite that is now falling to earth thanks to Sybil. Cinder and an injured Wolf and Sybil’s Lunar guard named Jacin end up back on Thorne’s ship (aka Iko), and poor Scarlet finds herself with Sybil headed to Luna where she will be tortured and kept prisoner.

Cinder, believing Thorne and Cress to be dead, takes Wolf to Dr. Erland in Farafrah, Africa for medical attention. We learn that Dr. Erland was a scientist on Luna that was partially responsible for the creation of creatures like Wolf. He also had a daughter, a Lunar shell that was taken from him many years ago back on Luna.

His town has become sort of a gathering place for escaped Lunar shells to live. We also learn more about the chip that was in Cinder since she came to Earth. It kept her from using her Lunar powers or from going crazy from not using her powers for an extended period of time.

Cress and Thorne barely survive the crash to Earth and find themselves in the Sahara Desert. Thorne, who bumped his head during the landing is now blind. They travel through the desert for many days. At one point Cress thinks she’s dying and is sad that she’ll die without ever being kissed. Thorne promises her that he will kiss her when she’s about to die.

They are saved by humans who they travel with for a while. Thorne wins an escort droid in a hand of cards. Eventually their companions realize that Cress is a shell and they know someone who pays dearly for Lunar shells.

She is kidnapped by them and taken to the buyer…who just happens to be Dr. Erland. He purchases Lunar shells to save them. Thorne shows up just as Cinder, Cress, and Wolf reunite.

At about that same time the Eastern Commonwealth military shows up to arrest their group of fugitives. Using their Lunar gifts Cinder, Dr. Erland, and the townspeople help them to escape. They make a plan to kidnap Kai before the wedding can take place.

Iko’s personality chip is put in the escort droid and Dr. Erland says he can fix Thorne’s eyes in his lab back at the castle while they are there. Back on Luna Scarlet is tortured for information but is eventually given to Princess Winter at her request as her pet.

How did Cress end?

Together the crew infiltrates the castle. Iko and Cinder get to Kai in his rooms and knock him out. Dr. Erland and Thorne manage to get to the lab and make the medicine Thorne needs for his eyes but the doctor seems to be coming down with Letumosis and locks himself in quarantine.

Cress and Wolf attend the wedding as guests and then make it to the lab where Dr. Erland is able to tell Cress that he is her father. Everyone in their group, except the dying Doctor, then rushes to the roof where Jacin is to pick them up in the spaceship.

But there is a huge fight between the Lunar guards and Sybil Mira. At one point the situation looks helpless and Thorne says to Cress, “I guess it’s time” and then kisses her. Using her lunar gifts Cinder and the others manage to break Sybil’s mind, defeat the others, and board the ship.

Jacin is arrested by the other Lunars and taken to Luna. Levana talks to Dr. Erland in his quarantine room and he tells her that he knows that she and her parents created Letumosis and allowed it to be sent to earth using Lunar shells.

Kai wakes up on board the ship and Cinder tells him her true identity, that she is the missing Princess Selene. They soon learn that Lunar ships are heading to Earth, to all the continents. Earthen countries have declared a state of war.

When Kai asks her what her plan is, she says that she is going to Luna to start a revolution.

There you have it. That’s what happened in Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles!

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    1. that was what I was wondering also! But I haven’t read Fairest and Winter yet.

      1. You should read winter it sooooooo good there’s a lot of cress and Thorne moment’s.

      1. she gets captured,and Levana torchures her then when she is about to be killed winter steps in and tells her that scarlet will be her pet.

  1. I haven’t read Winter and Fairest. What happens to Scarlet? Thorne is so charming…

    1. I love Winter and Fairest! Scarlet finds Wolf in Luna one of the sectors, and they hug and kiss and it’s soo CUTE!! I LOVE IT!!

    2. Yes, Thorne is charming and the best part is when he and cres get into a relationship

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