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BookTok: The Best Place to Find Your Next Read

BookTok is revolutionizing how book nerds interact on the internet, but if your TBR pile is already out of control, you should probably steer clear.
The internet has brought readers together since the first Harry Potter fansites created a place to talk about theories and complain about what the movies left out. Fansites with discussion boards soon gave way to places like LiveJournal and Tumblr, which then gave way to Twitter and YouTube. 
Readers soon dragged their favorite authors into the online fray, so it’s normal for writers to use blogs and social media to interact with their fans, posting everything from exclusive excerpts to writing tips to playlists.
Click to learn how the power of BookTok is changing the game for authors, readers, and even publishers. Read more… 

Bringing Back the Classics, a New Series of Recaps and Reviews

We took Calvino’s advice that “a classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say” and decided to bring to you books we feel still have a lot to say. There will be Reviews, Recaps, and Revelry of the sort you won’t easily forget while we engage in Classics old and new, western and eastern, painful and sedate. Read more…
(Updated often by contributor, Sarina Byron)

Sara, an owner here at Book Series Recaps, is publishing a novel! Read a synopsis and sign up to follow her progress!

Is the life of one intriguing mortal worth the end to a millennium of dreams?

A mortal life is but a mist. When Evie, an immortal Watcher turned reluctant assassin, falls in love with her intended target, Adan the Dreamer, is it worth the cost to prevent his untimely end?

Read a full synopsis of This Dreamer at sarawatterson.com.

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We are looking for recap contributors!

Many of our readers have responded to our call to write for Book Series Recaps. Whether you’re an aspiring author wanting to flex those writing muscles or an avid reader who would like to help us out, click here to request more information, including our current recap wish list!

Want to see what a contributor recap looks like? Check out this great recap of The Hunger Games by a regular contributor. We include a shout-out with a link to her blog at the beginning of the post and then link to her bookish social media accounts at the end.

Recaps you don’t want to miss!

The Hawthorne Legacy (The Inheritance Games) – September 2021
Recaps: The Inheritance Games

Are you watching Shadow and Bone on Netflix? Read a recap of the Shadow and Bone book as well as Six of Crows.

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